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snap mote spell
Post # 1
it says you have to meditate, has anyone actually done this? does it work?
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Re: snap mote spell
Post # 2
Why Meditate?
By Remez Sasson

Why meditate? What will you get from meditation?

Most people experience stress and tension on a daily basis. There are demands at work, at school and in relationships, and there is rush and hectic pace, which bring tiredness and unhappiness, impatience and frustration. All this harms the body, the mind and the quality of life, and is quite unnecessary.

One needs a way to release all this tension and stress, or if possible, not create it at all. What you need is some relaxation, to get away from the stress, tension and hectic way of life. This why you need a vacation every now and then, but few are in a position to take a vacation whenever they desire or have the money to pay for one.

The good news is that you can afford to go on a vacation everyday, even more than once a day, without going away and spending money. You can enjoy a period of freedom from your daily tasks and chores, from stress and problems, and at the same time renew your energy and enjoy inner peace. You can enjoy such a vacation when you practice meditation.

When you meditate, just like in vacation, you leave everything behind. Meditation releases the stress and tension from your mind and from your body, makes you calmer and more focused, and helps you overcome anxiety and worry and gain inner peace and balance.

Meditation can also help you understand the way the mind works, calm down your restless thinking, and allow you to gain mastery over your mind. It will also enable you to free yourself from negative thinking, worries and unhappiness.

Meditation improves the ability to focus the mind, think more clearly and understand faster what you learn. It also enhances your intuition and develops the ability for constructive and creative thinking. It will also make your more patient, tolerant and considerate, and increase your inner strength.

In addtion to what has been said, meditation is also a method of inner training, which can get you closer to knowing who you really are, and to spiritual awakening.

The calmness, inner peace and inner clarity you experience in meditation, will in time affect the whole day, not just while seated in meditation.

Now that you know why it would be a great advantage to meditate, you need to find the time for it. Don't say that you can't find the time for meditation, because with a little planning of your day, you will find the time. Here are a few suggestions:

# Get up a little time earlier in the morning.

# If possible, arrange to find the time to be alone to meditate in the afternoon, at work, before going home.

# Find a quite garden or park, where you can be alone.

# You can arrange with your family not to be disturbed in the morning or evening for a little while, so that you can meditate.

# You can meditate in a quite corner in a church or other place of worship, and even in your car, if you have no other options.

With a little thinking and effort you will be able to find some 10-20 minutes a day to be alone with yourself and meditate.

Anyone can benefit from meditation, the most spiritual and the most material person. You don't have to belong to any group or religion to meditate. It is free for all.

Now, back to the question why meditate? I believe this short article has shown you the benefits of meditating, and has answered your question why to meditate. If you find this subject interesting and wish to read more, you can find many articles on meditation and how to meditate at this website.
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