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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Utopia

Post # 1
Ok, before I actually start this thread I want to say a little about myself.
I am actually a pretty old member of this site, who left all this a year ago. In fact, if you look up the name Darkked and Blackmoon343, those accounts are mine, if they are still in the Database. The reason I am using this account is because Blackmoon343 was hacked and i was thought to have placed a lot of racist comments on the forums, and Darkked, i simply forgot the password. Right Now, I do not practice magick at all, I gave that up a while ago and am a catholic now who is falling back into agnostic. I am 18 years old.
if you wish for more information about me or my past, simply look up and read the info of my past accounts or ask me.

Anyway, I have come back because i wish to bring about a topic that has probably been spoken about numerous times on this forum, and you all obviously know what it is. Utopia
Recently, I am writing a paper on the subject and would like to hear your ideas and debates on this matter in order to further this paper.

So feel free to speak on this topic freely, debates are welcome, so are ideas, inspiration, etc.
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Re: Utopia
Post # 2
Wow going over the bush?

Well to have a utopia you must have no war. Correct?
World Peace?
World government?

But anyways with histry and the greatest philosphers of any time have seen that Utopia was attempted to be made. Communism and Socailism is an attempt for Utopia. utopia I believe will never come. Because many of us enjoy others in pain even we do not admit it. War is in our blood as well as the hope for peace.
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Re: Utopia
Post # 3
i think utopia is a philosophical literary tool for the discussion of what is wrong from a sociological standpoint, never meant to be a reality. even in its definition Plato states that a Utopian society would use its war inclined neighbors to do its fighting for it, and in using the war inclined people to do the dangerous task of fighting and dieing, would thin out the people who were violent eventually leaving only the peaceful folk. so utopia in its definition is actually a brutal idea.
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Re: Utopia
Post # 4
Well, I do not know, I have a belief in the existence of utopia, but in a different way then what "The Perfect Society" idea, and probably different from Plato's view. i think utopia needs struggle, pain, and toil, otherwise how would it grow, and though human nature shows the need to fight, is it not possible to change this nature, as we have done so in the past. I believe utopia is an idea that is spread through word of mouth, teaching, and culture, not by the thinning of one type of people to allow a reserved type of people within its borders.
More importantly, I believe utopia is in existence through the study of ethics and philosophy.
what do you think about this idea?
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Re: Utopia
Post # 5
I have heard of many utopian society and cities that collapsed. Humans has many flaws in what we believe is good and evil. Humans have both good and bad in them for as long as recorded history and because of that it is impossible to make a utopia.

To what Darkked343 just poited out, I too believe it is possible to create a utopia by changing the current nature of humans to a higher nature, like the removal of the darker nature in us. If we can do this then it is possible to create a utopia.
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Re: Utopia
By: / Novice
Post # 6
One thing I think about utopia. Is that is a form of 'comunal' (not sure if I got that right. But involving many. That wish the same. Or have the same idea kind of thing)
wish for harmony. All at peach and respekt.
And as history tells us. Many have tryed. In one or other forms and way.

Now over to the post on the 'removal of evil inside us' or what it was. (think it's stil the one above this. And I don't remember all the details. But at least I reemember the reply thing tho) lol.

The way I see it. My belife involving evolving into 'higher' or 'next stage'
and then I'm not thinking only on humans. But as in everyone and everything.
Is that in the beginning ther was nothing. Darknes. And out of it was light created. And there was somthing. And we ended up with the light/dark thing that everyone have somthing to say about. And so on:)
but th next evolvment. Is not 'light or dark' that one "wins" in lack of bether terms.
But the combinding of those two. And then not then that they are just combinded. But as theyr one and same.

Kind of the next stepp of the ying/yang. Where is kind of where we are now.

Well. Bit of my wiew on things.

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Re: Utopia
Post # 7
good point about light and darkness, but just as we have the ability to do bad things, we also have the choice to control ourselves, for chaos should not present itself unless in times of dire need. this being organized chaos, or chaos meant for a specific goal such as necessary warfare. but besides the point, humans, who mostly go on instinct without laws or limitations to their ego, should learn to control their darker nature.

Also, about utopia, Utopia is a community, or society, which is the word i like to use, that does put its foundation and laws based on ethics, but is also a society of compromise, not people sharing a single idea, but an idea that evolves when people come together and make an idea that includes everyone, as long as it is a moral idea.
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Re: Utopia
Post # 8
I don't believe in utopia.
Ideas are always conflicting hence lead to war.
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Re: Utopia
Post # 9
of course ideas are always conflicting, it is because of the fact that people do not understand to compromise and look for an "in between". It is because people think utopia is impossible that people use out-of-the-ordinary ideas and concepts to gain one, as well as the fact that people have a set view of utopia. But utopia is not a set thing with set rules, that, my friends, is a distopia. A utopia must flourish, not remain the same forever. and also, you do not believe in utopia because it causes conflict, but everything causes conflict, from who's God is real, to whether or not a god is real, down to the simplest things of philosophy. Have you ever met any conflicts, and if so, what was the best way you dealt with it?
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