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Telling family...
Post # 1
Hi, I have never told my parents and brothers that I am a witch, I daren't incase they think Im a freak and I don't want them to feel... scared.
This is now starting to prove a problem, I have to practice the craft! Therefore I have a box under my bed in which I keep my wiccan books and candles etc. Well I had to stay late at school to revise for GCSE's and my mum took it upon herself to clean my room. She of course found my box. When I came home she was sat on my bed with a kind of 'wtf?' look on her face. She asked me "what the hell is all this?"
I replied "its nothing."
But she wouldn't leave it alone so with my quick thinking I made up the excuse that Im writing a story in english about witches. Lame excuse I know.
And my parents night is coming up soon! What if she asks my teacher about it!! Somebody pleease tell me what to do!!
Blessed be Rose xx
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Re: Telling family...
Post # 2
Ok. First of all. It's your life. Your choice.
Your family has no right to judge you poorly, just because you like Magick.
You shouldn't let their views push what you enjoy doing. There is no harm into what is being practiced(At least, I hope not. If so, you're doing it WRONG).
If they try to push you out of doing what they enjoy, be it religion, mmorals, beliefs, etc. Then you should tell them to not be so narrowminded and accept what you enjoy.
And again, if there is no harm being done to any living creature, then there is no problem with it.

Sorry if I seem to come on too strongly. I don't mean it so harshly.

Basically, they should accept whatever choices you make, and you should tell them that if they don't like what you do, then to just keep their noses out of it.
Respect WHO the person IS, not what they DO.

Don't let it get to you. Everyone has their rights to do as they please, as long as it harms no-one.
A wiccan rule says similar to this. ^_^

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Re: Telling family...
Post # 3
The best advice is to always tell the truth. Worrying about this situation will only make things worse. Believe in yourself and go to your mother with the truth and all will be well.

If things go badly, you can still keep your beliefs.
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Re: Telling family...
Post # 4
This is what I meant;

"Harm none and do what you will." Basically.
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Re: Telling family...
Post # 5
Rose, I'm facing a simmilar problem on my own. I've decided to keep the Craft a secret until the oppertunity comes into my life. This could be your oppertunity. Now, if you decide to tell them, your beleifs may not be accepted for awhile (if they ever accept them). But they're family. They're going to love you no matter what. But, you're going to have to tell them soon. Unless you want to have this conversation in front of your teacher. If you don't mind, would you messege me telling me how it goes? I would like to know what to expect when I tell my family. I hope this helped.
Blessed Be,

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Re: Telling family...
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
A few things to keep in mind when telling people(especially ur fam)

1. Know what it is you believe in, and how to explain it. It usually helps too that it is kept short and to the pt, as to not bore/confuse.

2. Know why it is you believe what you do. Answers such as "just cause", "beccause my friends are", or similar answers will only make it a losing battle for you, for they can easily be overcome(especially by parents).

3. Explaining how u've changed(and for the better I hope) since practicing is a good way to bring them to your side. Nothing is better to a parent then knowing that they raised an intellegent individual that wants to better themselves(and is doing so).

** I had written this a bit diff at first, but then my window screwed up and I lost what I wrote, lol, soo, this is kindof a sum up of it and might sound a bit broken up **

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Re: Telling family...
Post # 7
no on should be ashamed of what they believe in,i had to tell my parents that i was a satanist last month,first came horror,then,a couple of weeks of silence,but now they are asking the right questions,and tell me they still love me whatever i decide to do,
be who u want to be my love xx
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Re: Telling family...
By: / Novice
Post # 8
The 'trouth' is many ways to tell. One thing that might be a good point. (if your looking into Wicca ) is the 'rules' that most follow.
Also the part where you learn and evolve as a bether person and so on trou learning about yourself to as you go alonge your way.

In moste cases. A way into magick. Is a good thing. That helps others one way or another.
Many that work with sick people or other things related. Take clases to help with pain. Or psycoligycal proplems to. (at least here in Norway)
there is many good examples and so on.

But I think it would be bether that you bring it up. Than they taking controle over the talk. (it's a parent who whants to proteckt theyr children against things they don't understand thing I supose)
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