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Post # 1
Now I've heard a lot of bad mouthing over demons. It has gotten to me to the point, I'm making this post so from now on, instead of getting angry and risking getting in some serious trouble over it, I'm just going to make a thread highlighting the reasons why demons aren't as bad as people tend to think they are and just refer them there when the topic comes up.

Now then, Demons are the same as you or I. The only real difference between us from my current understanding is that they have more dark in them then we do and that they are not of a physical body as we are. (Once again this is from my current understanding of them, so please be kind when you critize this section.) Now from my understanding this is not the dark and light that you think of, but rather a kind of internal balance of forces much like the universal dark and light. It is just a primal force, rather than a bad and good concept. Basically, within us all there is a balance of light and dark. Within humans it is balanced, within demons there is more dark than light, and within angels there is more light than dark.

Demons are also the same as you or I in that, if someone dragged you out of bed in the middle of night, or while you were busy going about your business or doing something, you would be enrage by it, and probably prefectly ready to cause harm to others. This is especially true of those summoners who call them up for silly things such as the bully down the street or in school. Why in the world would you be calm after being dragged to this place only to be told that you were dragged there against your will to deal with a petty human squabble?Wouldn't you wanna kick someone's butt who has bothered you so much?

And now, I am going to quote and paraphrase from The Goetia a bit to show some of the good of demons. Remember, these are just a few selections. They are not the total and yes, I'll admit there are a few bad bits within The Goetia that they can do. But bad is subjective really.
Agares or Agreas, the second demon listed keeps people from running away and also returns runaways. (Now, to the runaway with may not seem right, however to the runaway's mother I'm sure she'd be happy to see her kid safe again.) He also teaches "all Languages or Tongues presently".
Marbas, the fifth demon listed can cure diseases "and can change men into other shapes".
Amon, the seventh demon listed can tell "all things past and to come...and [can reconcile] controversies between friends".
Forneus, the thirtith demon listed, can cause "men to have a Good Name, and to have the knowledge and understanding of tongues. He [makes] one beloved of his Foes as well as of his Friends".
Ose, Oso, or Voso, the 57th demon listed can "make one cunning in the Liberal Sciences, and [gives] True Answers of Divine and Secret things".
Andromalius, the 72nd and last spirit in The Goetia has the "Office is to bring back both a Thief, and the Goods which be stolen; and to discover all Wickedness, and Underhand Dealing; and to punish all Thieves and other Wicked People; and
also to discover Treasures that be Hid."

Also, know this, demons aren't all nicey nice. They are beings same as you or I. They can be "bad" but they aren't all "bad". I use bad in quotations because bad is subjective, what is bad to me is not to you and vice versa. We all have different morals. In that sense, demons are no different. They are willing to help for a price if you go about it the right way. But they are also like humans in that they can always break the deals they make with you. So think of them more as entites similar to human beings than as the common Christian view of demons as evil or bad. That is all I ask.

Contributions of this thread go to:
Demen (he has helped greatly in the making of this post especially the dark and light part)
Nevermore27 (she has helped greatly in the past with this arguement and is actually the first one who defended demons that I met and also she has helped with the part on summoning)
Amiem2010 (Much of the summoning bit I have gotten from her)
My Aleister Crowley Version of The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King (I would post the link but am greatly fearful of individuals foolishly trying to use the techniques in there before they can handle it. Anyone responcibile needs/wants the link I'll give it gladly, but I don't want fluffies/newbies running around playing with things bigger than them and seriously upsetting demons .)

Re: Demons
Post # 2
I have an update on the citing for The Goetia.
Crowley, Aleister. The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King: Translated into the English Tongue by a Dead Hand and Adorned with Divers Other Matters Germane Delightful to the Wise. Boleskine, Foyers, Inverness: Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth, 1904. Print.

Re: Demons
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
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Re: Demons
Post # 4
Also, Demons do not *usually* mess with humans unless humans mess with them first.

Re: Demons
Post # 5
I'm honestly surprised by the lack of posting, surprised as well as somewhat disappointed. I was hopeful I could attract someone who feels differently than I do to put another opinion in and start a good debate on it actually so that I could point outt some flaws I see in some of the more common arguements against respecting them and *not* call them evil. Lol.

Re: Demons
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
well, this is very nice indeed, good poste:)

Re: Demons
Post # 7

Re: Demons
Post # 8
Thanks guys. I do wanna stress the point that demons aren't really "good" either. They are their own beings rather than the ideas handed out to us by religion. I took to only pointing out the "good" aspects because I had had enough arguements with people in public about them. The funny thing is though that since I've posted this I've only heard the "demons are bad" lectures once or twice. Roflmbo (rolling on the floor laughing my butt off). Either people are reading my post or the close-minded people aren't talking in chatter about them anymore. Rolfmbo. Guess I'm scary. ;)

Re: Demons
Post # 9
They're mostly neutral. Stay to themselves usually. If you meddle with one, they might get mad. Most likely. Plus, Christian myths have painted demons as a most evil race. >.>

Re: Demons
Post # 10
It doesnt matter if there was a few good demons, the point is demons are created from darkness, they are darkness, and darkness is evil and feeds off of death and despair, hence all demons are evil. Maybe if you think about it in a smart way the old ones told us demons were evil for a reason THEIR EVIL!!!

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