Is It Normal...

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Is It Normal...
Post # 1
...for a spell to have the exact OPPOSITE effect before manifesting? I have trouble concentrating/visualing/etc and don't really know all the "steps" to spell-casting, so I've paid a few online spell-casters and now, he just BROKE UP WITH ME! Could it be that the opposite has to happen before the manifestation?

Or could (probably?) it be that I used too many and they all backfired? Now WHAT DO I DO?
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Re: Is It Normal...
Post # 2
another point to extend raven's post is that peraonal spells should be done by you. It has the best effect when you do it, if you need help you can ask us to amplify the spell. But don't pay these online con men, half of them can't even cast a spell. And just pounce of frustrated people who will pay for any results.
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Re: Is It Normal...
By: / Adept
Post # 3
Or you could look at it that the break-up is exactly what needs to happen at exactly the right timing. Maybe a month from now you can look back and see how this apparent "tragedy" was exactly what was needed to move the relationship in the the "right" direction, whatever that may be.

Also, as previously stated, internet spellcasters have a very suspect and poor reputation within the magic community. There are awesome for-hire spellcasters out there, but they are few and most inexperienced people would not be able to tell the real ones from the fakes. It is possible that you paid money to someone who did no spellwork for you and further lied to you about fake results.

Assuming that is not the case, that quality magic WAS done for you by a reputable worker, then i personally second-guess nothing when it comes to early results and early signs and omens. A break-up could be exactly what is necessary to get your results in the long run, or it could be the Universe being extermely merciful to you - telling you there's no chance at all for this relationship, therefore it's over. Only you can be the judge of that. Pay for a tarot reading from a reputable, experienced worker if you need more help reading the signs. It's easier to find a good over-the-phone card reader than internet spellcaster.
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