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Advice to Newbies
Post # 1
I was just thinking about the spells people keeps asking in the forums like loves spells for instance. I'm sorry to say but some of the spells you ask really sound ridiculous like wanting to be something you aren't or making someone fall in love.
Have you guys ever wonder what it means to cast spells? Or just do it for the heck of it?

When casting spells it doesn't mean you have to wait and let it happen you have to do something about it. You have to do your share of the bargain. When you casting a spell it helps you remove the obstical that is in the way of preventing you to get it. Also you are putting forth energy and then releasing it to the universe.

For example let say you need $500 for rent. You call the bank and say how much money you have in and they say $200 so you need $300 more. So you do a money spell after you do you release the energy you put forth. Then later on you check again your bank account. Then later a fex weeks past you get a check from the bank explaining that they missed something in your bank account. So now you got the money to pay rent. Now that was an example of casting a spell.

Now lets talk about why we should not do love spells. First answer the question. Would you want to fall in love with somebody against your will? Would you want to be bound to that person? And the most important question of them all have you read the Wiccan Rede? If you had not I advice you to read it.

For the last eigth words are important. "Do was you will as long as you harm none." When casting a love spell you are actually taking sommeone will and that would not go will. First off you should remember you are putting forth enery and it will release to the universe. So you are putting bad enery for your own greed. So three times bad would come to you. So it will backfire and later on you will regret it. So you should think before you ask and do something that you will regret and don't blame others. You should always be responsible on what you do.

So remember theses questions:
Am I being respnsible?
Would I want someone to take away my will?
Do I want to fall in love with someone I don't like?
Do I want to be bound to that person?
Would I regret what I'm about to do?

Last advice
You should always do you research before you do something and before you claim to be something you aren't. Studying is the best sources. For knowledge is power. And also you don't want someone to look down at you.
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Re: Advice to Newbies
Post # 2
Well, first and foremost, not everyone here is Wiccan. So the Wiccan Rede does not apply to everyone. That's something we need to remember. We also need to remember that Karma in the context it is typically taken is not something everyone believes in or adhere's to.

We have a vast number of paths followed in this site, and in the world. Not everything applies to everyone.

Secondly, I'd go a bit more indepth of your example of a money spell working. The odds of it happening that way are slim, and probably have a drawback. However, opening yourself to a new idea on how to get money is an excellent example of how spells work. It doesn't mean money will automatically fall into your hands, but being open to new ways to obtain it is a typical effect.
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Re: Advice to Newbies
Post # 3
That is true not everyone will be applied to the wiccan Rede and I am not forcing anyone to believe in it. They are free to believe in what they believe in. I respect that the most. And with the money spell I know I should have put more details about it but I just wanted to explain how the spell was suppose to work. Next time I put on more details and explain it right.

P.S. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I didn't mean to get no one offended here. So again I'm really am sorry.

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