hey can help me

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hey can help me
Post # 1
it dreams that i hads
i need your help i feel that i need to help her now i found her myspace
i have deep feel of help for her

i had dream with women i saw on TV that is in jail
In the dream i saw someone show me a book full with info that could help her get of jail
Then i wroke up with a chest pain
what you think about that it was a not a long dream but a fast dream
this is her name Sara Aldrete she in jail in mexico
what you feel with Sara Aldrete
what the dream mean ?

i had other dream that i was in texas with my mother i just hear that the cops siad that they are going to open case then i hear that they siad that Sara Aldrete case is going to be open again
what you guy think

just got aother dream with Sara aldrete
i saw the same man that show me the book
he was show the book in from of group of peoples
then throw the book to them
then they siad she is not guilty on lot of paper
they was stamping it
then i saw Sara Aldrete jump up and cry and happy
and siad good bye to her friend from jail
then she huge me
she was cry on me
then i saw come out of jail
a lot of peoples was wait for her all happy for her

what do this dream mean
hey got other dream on
now i found out who is that man that i keep dream with it Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo
that man in dream was mad with me and he told me that i told siad him i was going to help get sara aldrete of jail then i told him i did not siad i am going to help him and sara i siad no
but then he took me to Library then he shown black book
and from cover had pyramid
hey the inside of the book have a lot of nice color
that what i saw
now i know who is that man that i keep dream
in the dream i siad it you Adolfo Constanzo

here is pic of Sara Aldrete and Adolfo Constanzo quita
that is Sara Aldrete

here is the pic of Adolfo Constanzo enerated__G6WYmC2sbkmBB2NhpkGcSA.jpg
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