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I have seen them on tv for sometime... So I did a test one night to see if they look up the info or just go with their guts. At times if your asking for a place or people they will normally search it up. But at sometimes they just give you useless answers. Like when I asked them, "Am trying to learn how to hide in the shadows like a ninja, from what book, online, or even people can I go to in order to learn it?" They replied... "For people online search myspace, facebook, ect." That isn't what I asked and they just skipped the question.

Do people work there or is it done by computer? It is most likely people because they get paid for each question they answer.

Do they go with their gut or search it out? At times but not all of the time. I asked them if vampires were real and they said yes that they hide from cities and people. That is most likely what he thinks.

Can you ask them anything and they will answer it? Not really, a few questions they refused to answer and they don't charge you if they do it.

Can you ask fun random questions? Yeah! I asked if zombies were real and they said no, that no history recorded a attack. and I replied saying, are you sure zombies are not real? lol. Lucky the same person that answered my question got it back so it was even funnier.

My reason on posting this is that they don't have a 100% chance on getting everything right. Basically they are there when your outside and can not find the internet to ask. Like if you need to know where people are hiring in your area. They do have a open mind to magick as I found out so don't be shy if you need to ask them a question, it might not be what you need but you can give it a try if you have the 99cents on your phone :D
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