Finding your power/totem

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Finding your power/totem
Post # 1
Your power/totem animal is your primary spirit guide,and is the one that was with you when you were first born.
Your power animal will eventually leave you due to the lack of attention, this being due to us not having the cultural framework needed to sustain the connection between oneself and our totem animal.

Our power/totem animal may show us different signs that it wants to be with us, by showing up repeatedly in the physical or symbolic form or by making their desire know through powerful vivid dreams.once we establish who our power animal is they may return to us by simply requesting them to do so.
The following meditation will assist you on retrieving your power/totem animal.

Sit comfortably or you may wish to do this lying down.

Close your eyes and take a couple of slow deep breaths, feel yourself fully relaxing all the way down your body,and know that you are safe.

Visualize yourself going down a tunnel of pure white light into the lower world.

You should find yourself in a forest, meadow, or the bush, somewhere beautiful in nature.

Start to wonder round in different directions but always remember the route you came so to trace yourself back there.

As you walk around you may see a number of different animals, look around for sightings of the same animal four times this is your power/totem animal.

Speak to your power animal asking for it to return with you, it undoubtedly will has it has missed being with you.

Open your palms by cupping them together so that the energy from your power animal can move into them, cup your hands together so you are holding your power/totem animal.

Retrace your steps/path back to the opening you descended down,travel back up the tunnel and arrive where you began your journey from.

Now place your cupped hands to your heart, open your hands against your chest and feel your power/totem animals energy entering your body, take three deep breaths slowly breathing the energy into you.

Open your eyes feeling aware, you now have your power/totem animal with you.

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Re: Finding your power/totem
Post # 2
awesome post gin! I have 3 totems as such the dog, the crow and the eagle. And i look out for each one and work with them.
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Re: Finding your power/totem
Post # 3
This is nice.
Great work. ^_^
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Re: Finding your power/totem
Post # 4
Thank you Allegra and Lady_snow. :)

Another good thing to do is to honor your power/totem animal regulary they should be considered friends, just as if you ignored your friends calls they would most probably give up on the friendship it's the same with your power/totem animal they will just leave due to lack of attention.

There are a few different ways you could honor your totem/power animal here are just a few suggestions.

Visit them during a meditation journey taking the time to sit down and speak with them.

Donate some of your free time to places such as animal shelters.

Donate some of your spare cash to local animal shelters.

Invite your totem/power animal to merg with you, this is not some kind of possession you are still the one in charge,it's just you inviting the etheral being into your human body to experience what it's like you may find yourself getting the urge to make your power/totem animal sounds, this is alright to do so this is also honoring your animal.

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