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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Want to learn

Want to learn
Post # 1
I have been wondering this for a while now.

I am very interested in learning how to perform astral projection so if anyone could post how, pm me how or possibly teach me how that would be much appreciated.

Alistair out.
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Re: Want to learn
Post # 2
You can not learn how to astral project by just one post unless you already have all the preparatory skills down.

In the case that you don't I suggest just to go ahead and find a teacher; and in the same manner, since you're currently in a coven you should put in a thread about it in there. :)
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Re: Want to learn
Post # 3
You can read ' Astral projection for beginners' by Edain McCoy, that really helped me to do it.
and ' Treatise on atral projection' by Robert Bruce, that is really a helpful and amazing book.
Theres a good CD I got from ebay called'Astral projection a 74 minute course' by Dick Sutphen.
There is a CD in the SoM online store which is really good called 'Mastering the art of astral projection' by Brad steiger.

Lady Snow is right,( she is an expert on astral projection), you need more than just one post to learn it, you really need to study and dedicate time and patience to learning astral projection.
It helps to practise regular meditation and chakra stimulation and cleansing.
Taking time to really learn astral projection is more than rewarding as theres nothing more liberating than leaving your body, it really is amazing, good luck
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Re: Want to learn
Post # 4
Thanks for the information.

When I was asking I fear I may have worded it incorrectly. What I meant when I asked that was that I was looking more along the lines for a person that would be able to "teach" me. I am looking to learn as much as possible to do with astral projection.

I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused with my wording, and lady snow I'm sorry if I insulted you by making AP sound easy to do.
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