Hoodoo Reversing Charms

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Hoodoo Reversing Charms
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I wrote a whole large article ( that gave my fingertips bruisses LOL ) about Reversal magick on my Blogger so I thougt to share few good Revresing charms as used in Hoodoo magick.

These are basically used as protection , yet they work by reversing the malevolent magick back to the very source.

If someone has moral doubts , lemme just say: Serves the attacker well , exception is of course If You are to blame for being hexed/cursed jinxed etc .

Reversal charms


? Hung nine Devil shoestrings on a thread with one Devil's bit root in the middle. Sprinkle all lightly either with Florida water , whiskey or dress with some Run De*il run , Reversing or protection oil. Hung above door or bed.

? Buy a new Round mirror with wooden frame. On the frame draw protection symbols ( such as runes or European Grimoire symbols and seals ). Dress it lightly with Van Van oil or Reversible oil. Set above the doors.

? Place Bad nut on Your doors , it shall act as door guardian and wiill reverse all evil coming Your way.

Here I will add a mojo recipe too :) Me likes sharring :D

Mojo hand


A "Devil Hand" for Protection: Combine a whole DEVIL'S BIT root, nine pieces of De*il shoestrings root s , and a De*il's pod in a black leather bag. On a small piece of paper, write the Name of the person from whom you want to protect yourself, cross and cover the Name with your Name written three times, and fold the Name-Paper around a pinch of Devil's Dung, folding away from you each time until it is a small packet. Dress the packet with Run Devil Run Oil and place it in the bag. This is among the strongest reversing hands that can be made, but you may have to find and dig your own DEVIL'S BIT, or grow it in your garden, for the whole root is not always available in commerce.

This recipe is not by me. It came from Miss Catherine Yronwode book "Hoodoo herb and root magick" and is in my humble opinion one of the most powerful hands.

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Re: Hoodoo Reversing Charms
Post # 2
I always thought hoodoo had an interesting twist on handling things.

Great post Obscurus. :D
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Re: Hoodoo Reversing Charms
Post # 3
the address of your web page pls ? (blog)
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Re: Hoodoo Reversing Charms
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

The original poster has not been on since 2014. The likelihood of them answering you is very slim.

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