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Need your imput on ...
Post # 1
Hi Everyone
I need your input (serious only pls) Many years ago, I got a witch craft book & as I was seriously upset with a coworker, I did a spell on her... I left the co, but 3 months later I heard she was having the problems that I had 'vexed' her with.
The spell I did was a red cotton & tie knots & wish, break the toes, the feet etc, etc. This book was for lay witches & it said since we dont have full power, only part will come right. it was years before I looked into it again & realised, that I had combined 2 rituals together, burning coal (was in germany) & bla bla. I have spoken to 2 south african witchdoctors that can send the spell back to the sender...
This is where I need your input..
If I didnt protect myself at the time, I think it might have hit me too & am afraid to get the return to sender...What do you think
both 'Sangomas' see that some peeps were jelous & did a spell on me, they say it has been following me ever since and they had forgotten about it, hence it was ongoing...
do you think this could be a comeback of my own spell that I sent..Sorry if this doesnt make much sense, ask if you have any Q's thanks
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Re: Need your imput on ...
Post # 2
If you aren't prepared to face the consequences, don't do it..
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Re: Need your imput on ...
Post # 3
My thoughts exactly.

Although, when using "impractical black magic" it would have been best to do protection spells whether or not you were willing to take on the consequences.
It just... often comes out not exactly the way you plan.

Impractical black magic is very unstable magic, you will.
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Re: Need your imput on ...
Post # 4
if you conviction in messing something up isnt firm and "well justified" it will backfire every time.
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Re: Need your imput on ...
Post # 5
Please do not pay someone to fix your mistake. You didn't say it directly, but I feel it was implied.
You made a rash, impulsive decision and were not prepared to deal with the consequences. This is unfortunate, but not an uncommon occurrence.
There are options. You could just put it behind you, and forget about the woman you hurt. You could apologize to her, if you think she could understand. You could send good things her way.
Just please, don't pay someone to fix this for you. It's your mess. Nobody can clean it up for you.
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Re: Need your imput on ...
Post # 6
Don't pay somebody to fix your mess. You made it you should fix it. Ok so you mix 2 black magick together so logicaly you should just mix 2 white reversals spells together.
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