Card that always comes up

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Card that always comes up
Post # 1
I started reading tarot cards about two weeks ago and everytime i ask the cards a question it always seems to have a specific card, The Fool, come up. Even when the questions are completely and totally unrelated it happens. Any clarification on why this card keeps coming up?
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Re: Card that always come
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It's the first card. Number 0. When you use tarot (or other ways to confirm what you alredy acktualy know. Befor your logick mess it up. ) it helps if you have made up what ech card (or other thing you use. ) means to you. Also it helps to have a understanding on how the first arcane in the tarot deck work. (if I don't remember wronge. It's 3 lines, with 7 cards in ech. Can't remember if the fool is the card, that ends outside or not. But it ends with the world. If I don't remember wrong. )
maybe the that's what the cards are trying to tell you?
And allways remember. To read about what the difrent cards mean. It helps. But in the end. When you use the cards. It's what they mean to you that counts.

Well. That's a bitt about how I use and understands it tho.
Hope it helps, at least a bitt:)

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Re: Card that always comes up
Post # 3
Don't forget to clean out the deck before/after use.
Also make sure the cards are still balanced in your energy.
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Re: Card that always come
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Not all Are fokused on 'energys and balance' when it come to using tarot. Or other kinds.
Mostly sins they use them otherwise. Like me.
I use it to 'confirm' what I alredy know. But I don't read the 'energys' from the card. But that's becos I read 'what the card means to me'

But when I use one of my rune kitt. I use the energys. Sins that one is my 'power' reading and usage kitt.

But if I where to use another tharot deck then the one I have. Some of the cards would probaly tend to be another then I would of my own. Sins I more se the 'picture' than the card itself.
(symbols and facing direction and how the 'mode' is. All have somthing to tell me)

but no Mather what, it won't heart to clens them and so on:)
(I'm just rambling about again. Lol)

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