Just a quick question (:

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Just a quick question (:

Just a quick question (:
Post # 1
When I attempt to astral project, I imagine myself on a swing. As the swing gets higher, its like this energy is trying to escape. When I jump of the swing this energy gets so powerful, I try and push it slightly but I cannot leave my body... At the same time this happens I visualize that my astral body is slowly rising out of my body. I get close but I cannot leave my body at all. Do I just need to practice?

Thanks :).
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Re: Just a quick question (:
Post # 2
Some techniques do not work for all it's a case of which works best for the individual, try a few different techniques always remain completely relaxed before attempting it.

This technique is supposed to be easy, it may/maynot be right for you,

Angustus Numley Technique.

1. Get really relaxed, the state you are looking for is almost drifting off to sleep. Some people like to snug into a blanket; others just like to lay down with nothing over them. It's a matter of personal preference.

2. Picture a ring of blue energy starting at your feet and slowing moving towards you head, when it reaches you head allow it to slowly begin working its way back towards you feet. Your body should be inside the ring.

3. After the first ring has made a few passes, imagine another ring going in the opposite direction. The rings will cross over one another

4. Allow the rings to pick up speed and continue to pick up speed until such time they are in a blue, the visual at this point it that you are encased in a cylinder of blue shimmering energy

5. Picture a ball floating directly in front of you face

6. Place your vision on the side of the ball that is away from you. Your eyes on the far side of the ball.

7. Slowly allow the ball to rise till it is near the ceiling of the room that you are in

8. Your point of vision should be just a foot or so from the ceiling.
Remember at this point all you are really doing is exercising visualization, so try to see things as clearly as possible.

9. Now the fun part, begin to very slowly rotate the ball back towards you. You will feel a sickening sensation. Not image you will actually feel this, it is similar to the way that you stomach feels on a roller coaster.

10. Continue to slowly rotate the ball till you are looking down at yourself.

11. There is a point in the initial rotation that visualization will give way to astral projection; you will literally find that you are floating close to the ceiling above your body!

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Re: Just a quick question (:
Post # 3
O.o thats a new one to me, i might try that (if i ever get the peace to try it)

:) if it works i'll let you know
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Re: Just a quick question
Post # 4
Thank you :D.
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