A folk love spell

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A folk love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Has anybody experienced this one?

Do you think it is necessary to use a mother's wedding ring or my own ring that I always wear will work fine?

Thank you!!!
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Re: A folk love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
In order not to open too many new sections, I'll also post another spell questiion here...

Regarding honey jar spells, is the size of the jar important or I can use even the smallest one if there can fit all the required ingreedients??

Thanks a lot once again...
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Re: A folk love spell
By: / Adept
Post # 3
Could you post the link to the folk love spell or cut and paste it?

In re the honey jar, the size of the jar is not important as long as you can fit all the ingredients inside of it topped off with honey or the sweetener of your choice and that the jar has a metal lid where you can burn candles on top of it safely. I have seen good honey jars made from small glass baby food jars as well as jumbo honey jars made from quart-sized mason jars.
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Re: A folk love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Thank you for replying,
baby food jars were just what I was thinking about :))

here's the link of the folk spell that I'm talking about!!
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Re: A folk love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Sorry for multi posting but now I see that for some reason this link doesn't work, so, here's the copy paste :)

A Folk Love Spell
This is a traditional Folk spell for (s)he who seeks love of another; After performing this spell your loved one will come to you as long as it corresponds with the will of destiny

Items you will need

* A wine stemware or chalice
* A red silk cord long enough to make with it a necklace which would reach your heart from your neck
* A ring (it is customary to use your mother's wedding ring and I recommend doing so)
The best day for casting love spells is Beltane

1.Put the wine stemware or chalice on a table or altar
2.Hang the ring on the cord to create sort of a pendulum
hold the cord's two ends with your thumb and index finger parallelly the little finger of your other hand shall touch the table (or altar)
3.Next you shall descend the ''pendulum'' that you created with the cord and ring into the chalice (or wine stemware) while it is inside the cup yet still hanging in the air and it shouldn't touch the walls yet at this point
4.Now you have to say your name in a loud and clear manner after which you say your loved one's name thrice in the same manner you shall focus your mind on your loved one
you may let the ''pendulum'' to shake now as you focus on him/her it is necessary for the ring to touch the walls of the cup in a number of times which corresponds to the number of letters in your loved one's name
5.Then you shall just wear the ''pendulum'' that you've created as a necklace while the ring stays on the spot where your heart is and so shall it be worn for three weeks (for 21 days and 21 nights)

It is said that if destiny pleases you to be together (s)he by all means will surely come to you
now you shall just hope that Hera/Mokosh-destiny will act kindly and smile upon you
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Re: A folk love spell
By: / Adept
Post # 6
It's a nice spell. I think the aim behind using your mother's ring is an example of sympathetic magic: a ring given to another in loving commitment will work to bring in the same to you.

I think using such ring would be best, although doing the spell with your ring substituted is better than not doing it at all. Another substitute would be to use a piece of jewelry given to you by your target or something else that has a lot of love stored in it.
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Re: A folk love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 7
LdyGry, thank you for your kindness and all the help and suggestions.
Today I've discovered your Journal :) and all the beautiful things you post there, so I might be having more questions for you if you don't mind :))

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