2 of penticals

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> 2 of penticals

2 of penticals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

so 2 represents balance, contrast, opposites, partnerships, choice, duality

its a symbol of balance for the human body and human efforts

ok onto astrology
the 2 of pentacles is linked to
jupiter in capticorn
ill quickly recap ... pentacles are related to earth, feminine, material world, wealth, tangible assets .. the number 2 relates to balances of all kinds

ok jupiter is a planet of expansion
anything jupiter touches expands
especially related to luck

so jupiter in this case relates to expansion of business, money, luck etc

so you need to take into account
when reading
the suit
the number
the astrological associations
so if hes called harmonious change
what can we expect from him
if the cards upright

ok in the kabbalah
or tree of life
because the card is numbered 2
this applies to all 2 cards by the way
it related to the second sphere on the tree
and this is called chokmah
chokmah means wisdom

but it can also be broken into two words
chok (potential) and ma (what is)
so it basically translates to the potential to be

so it is referring to a situation that is about to be
rather than what is
in other words
chokman impleis the ability of the current situation to change

in the case of the two of pentacles
in the area of money, work etc

so pentacles, 2, jupiter in capricorn, chokmah all have basically the same meaning
can you see how they all link together

the lemnisate is a geometrical representation of the endless and eternal nature of energy

and it serves to remind us of the infinate nature of spirit
and our thoughts
our actions
and in the case of the 2 of pentalces
never ending work hahahahaha

ships are about journeys
they are on water
so its emotional
so again emotions can get in the way of common sense
and cause everything to get out of balance
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Re: 2 of penticals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
i will try and post more when i sort my notes out as am not very organisd lol
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Re: 2 of penticals
Post # 3
I always find that the two of pentacles comes up a lot when the querent is trying to take on more work than he or she can handle. They're trying to "juggle everything", so to speak.

Does this happen for you a lot?
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Re: 2 of penticals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
ur right, many a time ive had to tell them u need to find balance and to stop trying to juggle to many things
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