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Help with love
Post # 1
Let me explain the story maybe you'll understand what is happening.

I am 37 years of age and my ex-girlfriend is 27, 5 months ago we opened up a bar/pub, samething we wanted for the last 5 years, I managed to get a bar for her, about 2 months ago, we went to party and there she became friends with this group they started to call her pop in at the bar, could never pay there drinks,
I had told her that they were using her and to be careful, They became friends with her parents and turned her parents against me and the bar. The day she left she says that the night before her parents made her choose the bar (ofcourse be me to) or them. (I personally think there same witchcraft involved with her parents), We been together for 7 years and been wonderful 7 years never had a problem with her or her parents, they would always call to have lunch or dinner or to go out. We have traveled europe together done so many things.
She tells me that she want to see me but it has to be without anyone knowing as she doesn't want to break the respect of her parents, like I said to her they have lived there life you are living your now, her father now is trying to hook her up with one of group, but this guy is the drug addict and a alcolhol and is know to beat woman up, she like blind when she is with him, as soon as she sees me her eyes sparkle up. The whole village is warning her agaist this drug addict, She has started to drink waits for her parents to fall asleep and sneaks out the house. I don't think she is on drugs yet, but am scared for her if she falls into that trap.
I do love her and have always loved her, yesterday we spent the day together, just me & her - now this was the woman I knew, but as soon as she got a phone call from one of the group, she had to leave in such a hurry. She changed completly.
I know she misses me and thinks of me, and wants to return to me and the bar, her eyes teared up when we stopped at the our bar. In the car she was always holding my hand , she wanted to make love with me yesterday, this must mean samething.
She get influenced very quick by the wrong people and her parents are now controlling her life.

Not only did I loss a girlfriend, a friend and a business partner. I will fight for her

I need a spell to contol her parents to let her go and live her life and a very powerful love spell for her to return to me for us to leave happily together
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Re: Help with love
Post # 2
I forgot to add this is were I wanted to use "To Cause An Argument", maybe by this argument she will she her error.
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Re: Help with love
Post # 3
In any spell controlling somebody is entirely up to you and can have consequences, as with your spell you wrote you have three conflicts, the best way to go about it is write your own spell, with honest and true intentions,
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Re: Help with love
Post # 4
I have tried alost every love spell and nothing has happened....
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