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Wizards and Witch's Store
Post # 1
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Just check it out and let me know if you find any problem.

Your friendly,
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Re: Wizards and Witch's Store
Post # 2
I took a look at the site and have to point out a few things.

1. most the links are either broken or nonexsistant.
2. you have 1 item for sale and leave out some detail about it such as what kind of wood it is made from. To people who use wands, this could be important information.

The site is pretty, but either unfinished or simply lacking in items for sale. Not sure which.

I would suggest that you take a looksee at the links if you do have all those items for sale as, it's broke
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Re: Wizards and Witch's Store
Post # 3
Sorry for the reason, I am extremly shamed that because of me you faced problem. It was the problem of the server many of my pages were deleted leaving behind broken links and I beg your pardon for giving only a brief detail of the wood wand. I will edit the whole thing soon and I will try my best that in future my guest doesn't face any problem.

Sorry ones again!
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