Need a binding spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Need a binding spell

Need a binding spell
Post # 1
Hi all.

I need a binding spell to help a latent whose powers are being tapped into and used for evil by his fiancee.

The girl's name is Tara and as his friend and the daughter of a demon possessed man very sensitive to the presence of Evil, I immediatedly sensed Evil in her and hated her accordingly. I am an empath and, because my friend and I journey across many lives together, I am very psychically attuned to him.

My friend right now is a non-religious jew--he is not ready to embrace his powers (which are substantial and very dangerous) and begin the awakening process which would offer him control.

Before he met Tara, he was instinctively healing others--this is what he does. But as soon as he met her, he purged me from his life and she started tapping into his powers. I felt her spiritually attack me several times and she used the same astral call sign as my father's demon.

All along I could feel him slowly corrupting from Light to Dark--until finally she had access to his power--and turned it from healing to killing in November. I later found out that this is when he asked her to marry him, which fits my psychic impression.

I knew immediately that her interest in him has been about his power. i also understand that free will is involved. I cannot make him break it off from her--no matter that this relationship is manipulating his power into killing innocents.

But it is the latent power that is the threat to everyone else.

And so I need help--if the power can be removed from him for as long as he is with this evil being, then he will no longer be a danger to everyone else. let him remove her from his life on his own. Then, when the danger is past, restore his powers back to him.

Can someone help me with a spell for him? my powers are sensory in nature. I am not sure how to create a spell like this.

Also I live in a large city where access to burying something in the ground or putting in a freezer is not practical--I've seen that in many binding spells. That won't work for where I live.

Consumable would be helpful.

Thank you and blessed be. Feel free to send ideas in private mail here.
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Re: Need a binding spell
Post # 2
...You're friend is actually physically killing people?

That's what I got from this.

If that's the case, your friend needs a prison ward, not a binding spell.
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Re: Need a binding spell
Post # 3
Nevermore: correction: the misapplication of latent power is being used by another to cause harm to others to inflict a mortal consequence that otherwise would not have occurred.

the latent power to heal has been REVERSED.

Strictly speaking, one does not put one in prison for those things. One cannot prove it one way or another. our society does not acknoweldge magickal healing. how then does it acknowledge the reverse?

Prove with HARD EVIDENCE a disease was inflicted by magick? prove with hard evidence that a person in a hospital already died because of magick?

Do you put someone in prison because they cast a spell on a stranger and that stranger just happens to die?

Request for binding spell to limit access to this power stands.

I want to store the healing power to healing power.

DO NO HARM still is the mandate. A latent cannot control that which he does not believe in. So that power must be bound until he is ready and willing to control that power-until the power will no longer harm the innocent.

he is not consciously or directly doing anything--it is all another person hacking into his system who is doing it.
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Re: Need a binding spell
Post # 4
Mkay well, in didn't come across that way.

Have you considered using poppets on both of them?
One to keep her at bay and another to bind him.
It's fairly cheap to make and leaves you in control of the situation.
I understand you said something about free will, however the fact that you want to do anything about this situation kinda throws free will right out the window.
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Re: Need a binding spell
Post # 5
lol rejected, if someone gave me something to drink, telling me they wanted to bind me and tried putting a rope around my wrists, I can promise one of us will be going to jail for assault and battery.
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Re: Need a binding spell
Post # 6
i could help, PM me
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Re: Need a binding spell
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Aisinbiya I'm curious on how living in the city makes the freezer spell not practical. I live in the city and I found no problem in using the freezing spell on several occasions. Remember to becareful when doing bindings. Once as you do this binding you can't just do it and forget about it. You become tied to that person and are now responsible for them. I wish I can help you further, but the things I know will trap them in their own harm. The best approach to me will be to freeze them in a bottle with sugar water to also help sweeten them up or put them in a mirror box wiht the mirrors facing inwards with a picture of them inside. This will send back anything they send out back to themselves.
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Re: Need a binding spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from General Info.
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Re: Need a binding spell
Post # 9
As ShadoWalker said, be careful with bindings. If you use a poppet, blindfold it when baptizing it so the person won't know who did it.

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