Speak to your pets?

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Speak to your pets?
Post # 1
Hello, Merry Meet to you. I was wondering if you can help me learn how to speak to my pets. I have a two dogs, a small one and a bigger dog. I have pictures on my page of my dogs. I want to be able to speak and get a conversation with them. I know it sounds weird but I'm very comfortable with my pets. I feel like I can hear them but I never really get nothing out of them. We have a bond but I want it to be stronger. Please help.. :) Thank you!
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Re: Speak to your pets?
Post # 2
PET TELEPATHY & ESP ? By Rose Ann Schwab

Animals are very telepathic and very good at communicating without words. The best way to communicate with your pet is to sit quietly with him or her and just notice what comes up in your mind. With a little practice, you can start to differentiate between the mental chatter we all have running in our heads and true communication from your pet. Sometimes it's easier to start with an animal you don't know very well since strong emotions can make it difficult to tune in.

Keep in mind that sometimes our animal friends have things to communicate that are not always what we want to hear! But if you approach a reading with an open mind and heart, it can often help you achieve better communication and understanding with your animal friends.

How Telepathic Communication Works

Telepathy is the ability to communicate without words. It is especially effective with animals. Most animal telepaths get a combination of words, pictures and feelings when they ask a question. We can speak a common language, in terms of wanting happiness and avoiding unhappiness. Let's say that you ask a dog if there is someone he doesn't get along with. You might get a picture of a another animal, then the feeling of some sort that may be connected to that animal. The same holds true for humans. I find it very interesting the amount of information one individual can pick up from their animal friend or pet.

You can communicate telepathically with any animal. Often animal-human relationship problems are caused because the human being just doesn't listen or make the attempt to see things from their animal companion's eyes. What we perceive in our live is not the same as what animals perceive in their lives.

Animals have a much different perspective on the world than we do. Many times, their strange behavior occurs because of their natural animal instincts.

Anyone can learn to be more in touch with his or her pet. Simple communication can solve a lot of animal problems that might otherwise have tragic consequences. The reason we don't do it more often is that we just don't know how to listen, to receive: People spend a lot of time in the doing mode, in the active mode with their animals with training. They pet them, they groom them, they take them for walks. What you need to do is go into the receptive mode, the quiet mode, the down time. You get quiet and you focus, gently, with the animal and his thoughts.

Animal communicators see our non-human friends as animal companions rather than as pets. They are careful to make that distinction and usually call the human a ''person'' rather than the ''owner.'' A particular animal may come into your life for a special purpose-as a teacher, a healer, or just a good friend. Animals do get upset when their human companion does not acknowledge their feelings or needs. When given this opportunities animals live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Ways to Communicate With Your Pets

Start noticing what your pet is paying attention to. What interests them and what's their reaction. Do they look directly into your eyes, trying to communicate some special message to you.

Start noticing your pet's facial expressions when you are talking to them. Relate that to what you've learned about reading other's faces to see what they are saying in their expressions. Do they whimper, or whine? Do they smile, grin or even make sounds when you are petting them. This is the beginning of communication.

Quiet your mind center yourself or learn how to meditate. It will help if you detach from the, so called, logic override in your speech so you can speak to and for the animals. This way your message comes across clear and concise.

Gently reach out and ask a simple question in your head. Is this question your issue or the pets? Be simple with it. Don't expect a complicated lengthy answer.

Allow the FIRST thing that comes into your mind to be verbalized by you. Then see what your pets reaction is. You might be surprised at their facial or vocal answer. Many times the animal will have a specific way of answering you such as lunging happily at you or licking your face to acknowledge that you have hit on the right information and answer to what they want or are talking about.

Don't think about, ''Is this real?'', ''It can't be that!'' Just try and
observe your pets answer, facial, body, and vocal. Be detached from the outcome. They will give you not only an answer but a physical response in some manner as well, to let you know you are on the right track.

Try the new information out. See if it's a viable answer or if your pet has a sense of humor. Sometimes they will try and interject some humor when we take ourselves too seriously. Be light with it. Animals often feel humans are too serious with questions.

Now, have some play with your pet and lighten up. Practice talking to your pet about everything, like you would your friend or child. Love them. You can sing made up songs about them. Have fun!! Include their input in your household decisions. Keep it easy so then will feel free to come to you if something big is up for them. For instance if they need to go out, are hurting some where, are out of food or water as a few examples, they will have a special communication only you can understand.

Allow them their independence. No one likes to feel that their thoughts are constantly listened to, or that someone is trying to intrude into their space. This is the very same in human communication through telepathy. Have permission and don't abuse the connection.

Practice and be easy with the questions and your intuition. No straining or you'll miss the meaning. Remember they ''talk'' to each other all the time without vocalizing. We as humans feel that the only way to communicate is through verbal.

Hope this helps i found it very interesting :)
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Re: Speak to your pets?
Post # 3
Wow, that is very interesting. Some of that has happened aready. My dog lets me know when she wants water. :) I guess I'm at the right track. THANks!!
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