My Many Accounts Revealed

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My Many Accounts Revealed
Post # 1
It seems there have been some misunderstandings about me. Some people don't know all of who I am then doubt it's me when they speak with me. Others are so unsure that they are making accusations of things without knowing who they are talking to. Although these problems are few and appear far apart, the misunderstandings do happen.

Recently somebody was accused of an act that, so far as I know, didn't concern them at all. So here is some clarification. Listed below are five accounts that are active for the time being, they will be deleted as they fall into disuse and no new accounts will be made. Below them are all the accounts I have ever had, but no longer have.

Kept Accounts

Deleted Accounts

There are only two accounts I have ever been intentionally misleading with and for one of them I apologize.

MorionDae was meant to be a sort of escape account for me, a way of "leaving the site" without entirely leaving the site. This way I would not have the number of people asking me for information as I did before the first time I was going to leave and I would still be able to lend a hand. Since I went out of my way to convince many people that this was not me even after doing so became unnecessary, I do apologize.

The other account was the Doctor account, I used that account to infiltrate the Darkness Rising coven and send the plagiarized information to the moderators and admin so that Nephilim could be dealt with as necessary. To be honest, in my opinion he should be grateful things went as they did. With as much plagiarism as he committed and knowing that he was breaking the law, I or anyone else who was aware of it could have gone straight to other more legally punishing authorities. I do know mercy.

It was brought to my attention by Aradar that some former Darkness Rising members thought he was me. No, sorry, but you caught the wrong guy. I was the Doctor and so long as none of the rest of you are breaking rules or laws nor will do so in the future, I left you all alone once my job was done and intend to continue doing so.

If there are any accounts not listed here that are claiming to be me, they are impostors. If there are any accounts sharing my IP address, it's probably my fiance although she is not very active here at all and most likely won't be again.

And I say again, no new accounts will be made. Eventually this account will be my last account and it will remain as my only account. If ever this account is gone, so too will be my membership here on SoM. I do not intend to have any new accounts made whatsoever, not even to replace this one.
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Re: My Many Accounts Revealed
Post # 2
A slight change of plans, Khelek_Draco and MorionDae are needed by the covens they are in. So, until they are free of coven responsibility, however long that may be, they will not be willingly deleted. Lord_Erebus and ShadowKilo have already been deleted, so I am down to three accounts. Those are MorionDae, Khelek_Draco, and this one, Ragnorok. My Ragnorok account is not required so, although it was my first account and what I hoped would be my last, it too will be deleted. This will leave me with only two accounts- MorionDae and Khelek_Draco. Since the Spirit Seers coven will be moving off SoM for good within the month, most likely it will be deleted first, leaving me with Khelek_Draco as my final account.

Happy Year of the Tiger, everyone. May peace and prosperity be with you all, always.
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Re: My Many Accounts Revealed
Post # 3
It is finally done. This account, Khelek_Draco, is my final account. If anyone had any questions, comments, or requests for Ragnorok, MorionDae, ShadowKilo, or Lord_Erebus, please send them here. Thank you.
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