Spells and Dreams

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Spells and Dreams
Post # 1
I have never been very good at dream interpretation though always interested in it. I tried a spell last night to find out what someone thinks of me. Took a paper and picture, called my circle sat and wrote a individuals name on the paper folded it with the picture drew a eye on the outside and placed this in my pillow. Last nights dream though maid NO sense, if it was in correlation to this spell at all I can't really make out. This individual was a old friend of mine and betrayed me in a way I can never understand. I just wanted to ask for some insight. So here is the dream:

I look up a path like one you would see in a local or city park. A nicely cemented sectional path with green well cut grass on either side that is coming down a slightly sloped hill. As I look up the hill I see this Yellow Python come slithering down the hill, this would not have seemed so odd if not for it's head was missing. Keep in mind this didn't seem gory there was no blood spotting out, all you could see was the muscle surronding and the spine. Like the head had been cauterized when it was cut off. Once the snake passed me I woke up.

I just cant' make heads or tails of this I never dream of snakes, snakes are not my totem animal. I also have never dreamed of any animal headless it is just weird.

If anyone could offer insight I would much appreciate this and thank you in advance. *bows*
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Re: Spells and Dreams
Post # 2
What happens is we program ourselves into thinking and even dreaming disturbing dreams. By putting the paper under your pillow you told your subconscious what to believe and dream. Don't take everything you dream to heart otherwise you will drive yourself to distraction and distress.

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