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Spirit Light
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The light within always shines for it is the eternal light of moving through the consciousness of the soul contained within and throughout where all consciousness is presented and where manifestation takes place. Do you see and feel the rainbow of colors around you? Do you feel the various vibrationally frequencies of color emanating from your living energy, the aura filed ?

Since we are all a part of the infinite light, auric energy and quantum other energy vibrations of mater and energy in a universe, these energy vibrations are manifestations that are very possible to be aware of its presence as well as feel, sense and see it. This manifestation of infinite light allows you to respond to all light energy vibrations in the physical world around you into harmony with the infinite light vibration of creation. See and consider all of the colors that are all around you. What colors do you resonate from the strongest to? What colors internally are attracted to you? How and what do you feel about these colors? For every aspect of the color along the light spectrum of colors has the most significance brought forth from the depths of the deepest part of consciousness mind, with the vibrationally resonance of light that then brings about a complete understanding of the light that radiates from within, the soul.

Can you see the vibrationally frequency of white light? Do you feel your soul energy bathed in white light? Golden light?

You see, you are light moving in and through an embodied consciousness. Still thyne self and allow yourself to feel the light around you. Feel the light energy you are being attracted to, feel what you are seeing, and then feel what resonates with from within. All light is important, dark to bright. All colors are a part of the white light of complete consciousness on a soul level.

Know and feel your auric light that vibrates at this second all around you and within you. Know that all is connected; all is one.
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