The OMNIL formula

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The OMNIL formula
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The OMNIL was reveal through the works of William Gray was a British occultist, the founder of the magical order the Sangreal Sodality.

This version of the OMNIL formula is quoted from Stephen Mace's Stealing Fire from Heaven and is very effective at banishing which can be used with any path! This is a essay that offers
a technique that individuals can use to create their own systems of sorcery, systems precisely tailored to fit their own unconscious minds.

To being, close your eyes and imagine a vertical line of white light,
one passing from the nadir to the zenith right through the point of
view behind your eyes.

Next imagine a spot of light about two feet
in front of this point of view. With this spot trace a horizontal
circle around your head. Then trace an ellipse by running this spot up
to the top of your head, down your back, under your feet, and up again
to the top of your head. Then trace another ellipse from the top of
your head down one side, under your feet, and up the other side to the
top of your head. When you're finished your point of view should be in
the middle of a cage.

With your fortifications now in place, you may clean out your
imagination. To do this turn the line you first visualised into a
pillar of fire and cause it to expand outward through your three rings.
As it does, cast images of any persistent thoughts or fantasies into
the flames and watch them burn until there is nothing left but three
glowing white rings.

And that's all there is too it.

Aside from
serving to flush out your mind before and after magical operations,
banishing is your first defence against obsessive thoughts from within
and against any kind of psychic attack from the outside. Banishing
rituals also have the side benefit of hardening the magician's aura,
forming a psychic shell that will keep his consciousness together and
deflect the piercing intrusions of the external world. By frequent
(four or five times a day for the rest of your life) banishing, the magician will develop an aura so hard that he will be able to drop many
of the defensive habits that might have attached themselves to his
personal attitude. Banishing is thus and essential tool for the
aspiring magician, and it is vital to make it a habit.
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