The "shakes"

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The "shakes"
Post # 1
When I do a lot of magick or really powerful magick (at least to me it's powerful), I get really shaky and hyper when I'm done. It's hard to sleep, which is sort of inconvenient as I tend to do most spells at night. Is there anyway to calm down after? If I do "too much" magick, I also get a bit physically ill (stuffed up nose, sore throat, dizzy), so doing more spells to calm myself down probably isn't a good idea.

If anyone gets the "shakes" like I do, do you drink tea or something? Or just ride it out? Thanks. I really like doing magick, and not sleeping tends to interfere with practicing.
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Re: The "shakes"
Post # 2
You are experiencing the energy build up and release, you should
relax with deep breathing,meditation and certain teas will help.
I generally feel drained after intense magical workings.
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Re: The "shakes"
By: / Adept
Post # 3
Short answers:
1) You're probably not grounding out all the energy you're raising.

or 2) When i get the shakes while doing energy work, it's because i have more energy moving through channels that aren't quite "wide" enough to accomodate the flow. You widen these energetic channels through use and practice, so after blowing them out a bit (or by conscious, careful stretching), they'll grow and expand to be able to handle more and more flow.

I get the shakes almost every time i do kundalini yoga (very energy work heavy). Your energy meridians/chakras do expand from use, but in the meantime you'll shake, have many sleepless nights, experience restlessness, etc., if you keep pushing it - but it may be for your own good as long as it doesn't impact your functioning.

I'd research grounding visualizations and meditations. I don't really work with crystals et. al, but others may tell you to hold on to a particular stone like Hematite, etc., for grounding. Eating right afterwards may help. Acupuncture sessions and/or qigong will speed along the widening of your energetic channels too.
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