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Empathic Reading
Post # 1
Hello. My name is Chris and I am an Empath: I can feel what you feel; i.e. emotions, feelings, dreams, fears, desires & thoughts. I have been looking, for a while now, for 1 good, sure-fire method to successfully connect with anothers emotions & feelings. I can read people inadvertently already, but would like to expand my gift to be able to read whenever, so if you can help me, please don't hesitate to do so. :-D And please. . . . . . NO SKEPTICS!!!!!!! I HATE SKEPTICS!!!!!!! And, one other thing: Is it true that Empaths are able to read people better if the Empath has physical contact with the person? And which hand is my receptive hand if it is true, the last statement? Thank you so much to all who answer nicely and helpfully!!!
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Re: Empathic Reading
Post # 2
Hello Chris,

I think that being an Empath, physical touch does not make sensing anothers emotions any easier or more difficult. Unless this Empath is not sheilding properly or has other psyhcic abilities that are also energy sensitive (regardless, if the empath is sheilding, there should be no difficulties). I would not suggest physical touch if one is an empath during a very emotional state another person is in around them.

Energy enters on our left and exits on our right.
''Clairvoyance connects to the right side of the brain - the feminine, creative, and intuitive aspects. That is why you may tend to feel physical sensations in on the left side of your body when you work clairvoyantly. The energy enters in through the left side of your body so as to activate the right side of your brain.'' -Crystal Links
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Re: Empathic Reading
Post # 3
I'll remind you (again, and preemptively) to please be conscious of your attitude on the site. You ask for no skeptics, and so you should expect them to post. It looks very silly.

In regards to your post: The best way to read others is to be in tune with the people around you. To develop your empathy like any other skill, you have to practice it frequently. Don't be afraid to feel your own emotions; know what fear is, anger, love, sadness, etc. This will help you to recognize these feelings in others.

Obviously, I'll suggest meditation. Cleanse and align your chakras often, and practice consciously initiating a connection with someone, and then closing it; come to intimately know what these feel like.

Physical contact may help. Try getting some friends to practice on. You can try a "touch" and "no touch" group... like a science experiment. Physical contact would create a very straightforward and concrete connection between you and the person you're trying to read, but some people don't like to be touched and this could effect the reading. Just practice, practice, practice. Maybe keep a journal to try and keep track of your progress, hits/misses, and general experience with reading.
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