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Just for fun
Post # 1
This is just for people who would like to share some info about themselves.

What made you want to join, study, or be part of this religion? I know there are many titles like pagan, wicca, witch, and so on. But I am not asking for just pagans or Wiccans or Witches understand. I am asking what drawn you into this kind of art.

(Hopefully no one takes this the wrong way because a lot of times people do.)
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Re: Just for fun
Post # 2
The reason why I became part of this is because of my father. He is not a wicca or a pagan or a witch. But he used to study a bit of it when he was young, like study energy and aura. But the first time I have seen any of this tarot stuff was when I asked to go to the book store because I wanted some new books. He went to the new age part and told me not to buy anything from here. He was trying to find his first tarot deck, the one that he said works very well for him. He did found it but my sister lost it. After a year or so later I looked online for anything about magic (that is what I called it back then, now it is Magick). I did found a few sites, not bad but just spells and a lot that you have to pay for. Then I found this site. It was just starting up because their wasn't very many members.

The reason why I join part of this is because I felt drawn to it like part of me wanted to know something that not that many could answer. I found a lot of answers to most of my questions, But not all.
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Re: Just for fun
Post # 3
Truthfully id have to say Star Wars first sparked my interest. Using telekinesis and what not...i didnt know where else to turn besides magick. Im what you would call a dark neo-pagan. I have spent the last few years mastering different forms of kinesis and magick and if it wasn't for that first thing that sparked my interest i wouldnt be who i am today.

May the night show you its darkest blessings
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