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Love oil
Post # 1
I want to try out a spell that requires Love Oil, how do I actually make Love oil, can someone plse help me out?
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Re: Love oil
Post # 2
You need to first start with a base oil such as Virgin olive oil or Vegetable oil. You will also need an air tight jar..

Just a basic simple love oil would be adding a whole skinned ginger root to the base oil, or slivers of ginger root to "heat things up" powdered or chunks of orris root to attract men.. You can also use damiana leaf for the same purpose.. Also you can add white or red rose petals for love.. I tend to add Rosemary flowers to my love oils.. Small pieces of rose quartz work nicely to in the oil...

just message me if you need more help
You can use different herbs just research the property of herbs.

Once you have the herbs mixed into the oil seal the jar and over a period of two weeks shake the mixture daily while focusing on this oil drawing love into your life.. Pray over it daily as well and its ready to use..
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Re: Love oil
Post # 3
another Oil recipe for you. this is to make a Love and Admiration Oil.
you need:

10 drops of Patchouli oil
2 Drops of Jasmine oil
1 Drop of Ylang Ylang oil

Mix the oils together and leave the bottle where the full monnlight can strike it for 3 nights. Do not let the sunlight touch it! make sure you bring it inside before the sun rises

When you remove the bottle in the daylight, replace it with:

1 rose petal
1 piece of rose quartz
5 almonds

Leave then in a place where the sun can see them, making sure to move them before moonlight can strike them. on the forth day, mix the 2 sets of ingredients together and leave them in a dark place.
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