Believe in numerology ?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Believe in numerology ?

Believe in numerology ?
Post # 1
If so, then what the nr. 33 ( the so called master nr. ) really means ?
Combining nr.-s that make up 33 . Date, year and month born...
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Re: Believe in numerology ?
Post # 2
A little googling goes a long way...


"The 33 is the most influential of all numbers. It is the Master Teacher. The 33 combines the 11 and the 22 and brings their potential to another level. When expressed to the fullest, the 33 lacks all personal ambition, and instead focuses its considerable abilities toward the spiritual uplifting of mankind. What makes the 33 especially impressive, is the high level of sincere devotion. This is shown in its determination to seek understanding and wisdom before preaching to others. The 33 in full force is extremely rare."
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Re: Believe in numerology ?
Post # 3
And a bit more, from another source:

"Master Numbers 11 and their meaning

The number 11 represents a deeply intuitive individual. It is indicative of creativity, a clear connection with the subconscious and psychic powers. A dreamy nature, nervous energy, shyness and impracticality often characterize a name that reduces to 11.

11???s are often blessed with imagination and charisma. These potential leaders often collapse beneath the weight of their dual natures. One side strives for accomplishment and the other side strives to be moral at all costs. 11???s are often the catalyst for inspiration in other people???s lives and often don???t receive credit for their works.

A person who is an 11 is always teetering on the fine edge between great accomplishments and self-destruction. The duality of their nature makes them more prone to addiction and phobias than other numbers. The key lesson that number 11s need to learn is to have faith, as opposed to analyzing all the time.

Master Number 22

The number 22 is the most powerful of all of the personal numbers and is often referred to as the Master Builder. 22???s have an incredible knack for manifesting dreams into reality by following through on practical actions. 22 posses the inspiration of 11 personalities combined with discipline and faith. People whose numbers and birth dates reduce down to 22 often achieve renown and glory during their lifetime.

Master Numbers 33 and their meaning

The number 33 is called the Master Teacher Number. A combination of 11 and 22, these individuals has transcended their own desires and usually devote their lives to the spiritual enlightenment of mankind. These unique individuals are often characterized by their sincere devotion to humanity. 33 individuals are extremely rare."
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