Hi. Is it possible to...

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Hi. Is it possible to...
Post # 1
Hi there.

I'm fairly new to magic, but believe that it's possible. Probably because I'm already good at astral projection and have the belief that many things are possible.

So I was curious. Is it possible to use magic to lets say set fire to a bunch of logs spontaneously, like without using additional aids or relying on weather/thunder storms or anything.

Also is it possible to do things, like in the recent BBC TV show series 'Merlin'. Such as shoot fire or lightning through your hands? Or telekineticly lift a car?

And if it is possible, why haven't I seen anyone do this on youtube or the news?

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Re: Hi. Is it possible to...
Post # 2
You can set fire to candles using Pyrokinesis, so, I'm sure if your well enough in Pyro, you can start a fire to some logs, not spontaneously, but, heh, you'll set fire to it.

Anddd no, Merlin is a television show made for ratings. Perhaps it was possible long ago~
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Re: Hi. Is it possible to...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Even If we can teleport , channel energy like people on TV , we will never do that in public , since we are afterall all occultists ( occultus - meaning hidden , concealed ) .
Second magick is not randomly used , for showing of or Heaven forbid use abilities to cope with mundane issues .
Third and most important If You want to be able to perform such an advanced magick or energy control, get used to that magicl is a way of life , a journey and You must give allot to get alot.

Faith , knowledge and respect are the real power , all the rest comes along.

Blessed be !
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Re: Hi. Is it possible to
Post # 4
Yes we can. We can do Anything. But I agree with another reply here. If you do those things, you stay hidden, not because we say so, it is because when you obtain the skills, you know so and understand.
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