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Message from Stargate
Post # 1
This is a message from Stargate Remote Viewer Gerald O'Donnell:

Today is the first day of the first month of the year 2009, which forms 11/11:
the year of One.

This is a message from the One.

Creation is at a major crossroads.

All has been prepared so that mankind safely rejoins its Source and its unity of purpose.

Soon stupendous events will rock the consciousness of man.

We have left our old shores and are in the midst of crossing onto a new land, a new Creation.

This is inevitable.

Many will question; many will see and perceive the necessity to engage fully.

We need not fear.

The Godliness is also fully engaged with you in this tribulation.

We will cross in this ocean and reach a new shore with the help, guidance, and protection of the One.

You are all Loved and will be cared for. Just trust.

The One will search in each of you for a spark of recognition that you seek Him and desire to be alive in His unity.

Nothing will remain alive outside of His unity.

You must engage.

You must prepare.

You have waited for eons for this and now is the time.

Accept to forgive, forget, and release.

Know and realize who you are, for that realization will open the gates of the new Heavens to you, which will in turn project the new Creation where you shall operate as promised.

Center yourself, and no one nor anything will trouble you.

Rejoice for great beauty and bounty lies ahead.

Happiness is at you door; open it.

Do not falter; do not despair.

Keep focus on the road ahead and not on the storms surrounding you.

Remember who you are and why you came here, my people.

The One, January 1, 2009
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Re: Message from Stargate
Post # 2
Thanks, but could you explain? Who is Stargate and what is this message for? You also said, "Remember who you are and why you came here, my people." Who are we and why did we come here, then? :/
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Re: Message from Stargate
Post # 3
Good question, Callum.

I did not say this. I was quoting what Gerald O'Donnell, whom is a renowned remote viewer whom shared this with me, as I'm simply on his mailing list. I only placed here for what it is worth. I found it interesting.

He can see things due to his remote viewing skills taught in a secret military funded project called, "The Stargate Program." You can google both and find out all the answers about the stargate and whom you are reading about.

I hope that helps.
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Re: Message from Stargate
Post # 4
Stargate is a TV show.
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Re: Message from Stargate
Post # 5
The Stargate Program is a fictional top-secret program that plays a key role in the Stargate franchise: it surrounds the operations of the Stargate on Earth.

First sentence in Wiki. 'Nuff said.
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Re: Message from Stargate
Post # 6
Nice. Now we have sci-fi roleplayers?
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Re: Message from Stargate
Post # 7
Firmament confessed to being a role player.

lol. He kind of amuses me.
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Re: Message from Stargate
Post # 8
Yes, sadly, the firmament does have quite the history.

But, I did learn about this:

I, also, know many people who are remote viewers that stemmed from this CIA program and the CIA doesn't do anything without secrets and profit in mind.

They tried clarovoyance through their LSD distribution tests. They, literally, created the peace movement, where everyone just left school, jobs, and lived in love on the streets. I think that was the flower children, etc.

So, let's put two and two together with the way the world has changed recently. Just a thought.

I have watched people pick sit, medidate and pick up exact visions of what people were doing at exact moments.

For example,

One such woman was in her home with a bunch of people on a Friday night. Her home was likened to a "chill pad". After work, everyone gathered there to drink and figure out where the night would lead: usually the local dive bar for more driving with the lottery game of drunken driving.

Now, at that time, her husband, was not frequenting her home. He was claiming to work late or blazzay blazzeee...and so, she got in her meditative state. She saw him, going to the payphone. Her phone was close by. She saw the number and called. So, when he thought he was connected to the "other woman". He was, sadly, connected to her due to her impeccable timing.

Imagine his surprise, when he had his wife on the phone. She pretended to be this other woman. Then, said, You are at such and such hotel are calling another woman to cheat on me. I want a divorce.

Imagine his jaw dropping.
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