I'm new, need suggestions

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I'm new, need suggestions
Post # 1
:D Hi, I'm Landie, I would've stayed around and looked for similar topics, but I have a few minutes before leaving for school. Anyway, I was wondering, where exactly . . . . do I start with the whole "craft" things. I saw something a little earlier that suggested I read/study some things for about a year or so before trying to do some spells. What I need to know is WHAT to study, like, if there are any books I can go get, and what I need to focus on. I was also wanting to get some first-hand experience stories on successful spells from people, to see how it works.
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Re: I
Post # 2
From a personal basis, I don't follow any 'rules' of you MUST wait 1 year before spell casting or anything. I dabbled and learned as I went. It depends on your path. I suggest reading up on various magickal paths, exploring them a bit and trying out some of their practices. See what works for you.

Some basics to know would be color correspondences, like with candles, chakras, etc as they have a lot to do with visualization and the attributes we give things. (like, we see blue and we think water, not fire, and give blue things cool, watery attributes).

My first experiences with magick were kinda lame, not a lot of power to them, and the first time I got real, noticeable results was when I started sigil magick, a component of Chaos Magick.

I fired off my sigil, it served its purpose, and in the morning my light blew out when I turned it on, and there were dead bugs on my bed. Little gnat-like things, and I keep my bed/room very clean. To me it was a sign that it was an area of very high energy and something powerful occurred there.

Don't let lack of results discourage you, just keep trying different things. The core of magick is desire and belief, so feel strongly about your work.

I recommend staying away from books by Silver Ravenwolf. She seems to be hit or miss in the Wiccan community, and I just find her very elementary and fake (not that she is a fake, she just tries too hard). She's a nice place to start but please, please expand from there lol. Scott Cunningham's books are wonderful. I'd check out some stuff put out by the Llewellyn company; they have a website.

You can always drop me a mail if you need any help :) Welcome to the site.
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