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Dragon Knights
Post # 1

I am just about done with our Dragon Knights site. I have about 80% of the basics done and a forum on its way as of 5:00am eastern time.

Dragon Knights is a website that we are using as part of the development of a local coven. The core areas of Dragon Knights study is Wicca, Dragon Magick, Reiki, Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Dragon Kung Fu, and Shaolin Kempo are the core styles with some kickboxing and basic self defense.

The core of the Dragon Knights group is to help the next generation understand that modern knights are needed to protect, guide and heal others.

The information on the site is for those who feel the need to step and walk the path. It is not a site stacked with DJ Conway spells or for RPGEers to go and talk about fighting demons and evil every other day. It is a real path and one that is worth walking.

I know that we do have a "Dragon Magick" and a "Magickal Knights" covens here at this site and the Dragon Knights does sound like a blend of the 2 groups but it really is not. Our commitment is to teach people the knightly principles and values as well as how to create your own spells, rituals and other magickal concepts instead of just looking for spells in books or on websites. Around Yule we are planning to offer a Reiki 1 and 2 program and attunement process at no charge for interested people.

The information at the Dragon Knights website will fit nicely here and we do not wish to take members from this site for the Dragon Knights group instead we wish to invite people to take advantage of what we have as well to help individuals who are starting the path or to perhaps motivate people on simular paths to rededicate themselves to the process of learning and the dedication need to understand magick, healing arts, and self defense to better your own life, but more importantly to help others along the path.

I understand that we can not create a coven here, however i would like to talk to the site admin about allowing us to start a coven here.

Feel free to check out the site and ask any questions or make any comments on this thread, in PM's here or at the Dragon Knight Website.

D. Knights
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Re: Dragon Knights
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
thats sounds interesting.
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