This kinesis is called 2?

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This kinesis is called 2?
Post # 1
If water and fire manipulation is Hydro- and PyroKinesis, time and lightning control/manipulation Chrono and electrokinesis, then what is the following called, example is ( Be aware this is only and example ) :

Rising a human from ground and using inner power, crushing it into pieces.
Also I say again this is an example only. Not only do I mean human, I mean using inner power to create destruction, blast earth, do explotions etc. Explotions would be the example.

Question is, what is this -kinesis called ?
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Re: This kinesis is called 2?
Post # 2
Well, our word 'catastrophe' is a loanword from Greek ("katastrophe"), so one could assume katastro-kinesis/katastrophekinesis.

I do not believe this is a 'real' kinesis. Why are you asking?

Or, "appolumikinesis" could work, as "appolumi" is the Greek word for complete destruction. I'm not sure on the specifics of 'explosion'. The orgins of the word 'explosion' have to do with clapping (the loud noise and such), so I could also suggest "bamikinesis", the Greek word for 'clap' being 'bam'. I hope this helps.

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Re: This kinesis is called 2?
Post # 3
Well, modifying or incuring death would be Necrokinesis. I have never seen any more than ants killed with it, though. Blowing things up and destroying them with your mind? I'd personally call it Destructokinesis, though you should go with Kikuyo's suggestion.
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Re: This kinesis is called 2?
Post # 4
I don't think that you can count explosions and destruction as a kinesis, it's too specific, kinesis is the manipulation of something so I guess you're basically applying a force to various obsticles so if it could be achieved by any kinesis it would have to be very highly advanced telekinesis perhaps. An explosion is just a sudden burst of outward force, to crumble something is a little more complicated and would probably require a fairly in depth understanding of simple harmonic motion.

However that depend on your desire of an explosion many people think that the fire is the explosion when all an explosion technically is is the conservation of momentum from a system with sigma momentem equal to 0 having a sudden increase in velocity and mainaining he momentum of 0. (Sorry i did physics at A level lol)
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Re: This kinesis is calle
Post # 5
Your advice is higly appreciated, Thank you.
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