Can spirits send dreams?

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Can spirits send dreams?
Post # 1
I have a spirit in my house, and he's an evil spirit, but not quite a demon, I know because I can see, and talk to demons a lot eaiser than I can with spirits, for the past few weeks, I've been having really demented dreams, more than usual.

Like the other night, I had a dream that I was a cerial killer, and I just murdered everybody in sight, for no apparent reason.
I thought it was the meds that I'm on for sleep insomnia, but I looked up side effects on it, and there was nothing about nightmares.

So last night, I lit a sage incense like I do when I don't want him in my room while I'm asleep, and I didn't have a nightmare, or any dreams at all, really.
So I was just wondering if the spirit that lives in my house with me can send me nighmares, and how to protect myself from it?

Please help me out, I'll take any advice that you give me. :]

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Re: Can spirits send dreams?
Post # 2
Spirits can send dreams, because when you sleep, your astral body goes on the Astral Realms and Spirits can enter there too. So my advice to you is to keep burning sage for protection but not only in your room, around your house too. You can try a dream spell, and you should buy a Dream Catcher. It protects you from nightmares, I have one in my room and it protects me from nightmares.
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Re: Can spirits send dreams?
Post # 3
It could be that the Spirit did send you a nightmare, but it's also possible that it was the medication. Most medications do not list minor problems that they can't be sued for. Seriously, have you ever heard of a medical facility being sued just because someone had a bad dream?

If it was the Spirit, smudging(using that sage) was a good idea. On top of that you can get a dream catcher, so long as you believe it works it will, and you can also ask your Spirit Guides as well as any higher powers you believe in(God, gods, goddesses, angels, etc) for protection. Another good idea would be to make sure you are entirely relaxed when you go to sleep, dreams are often made from our subconscious and reflect how we feel in the real world. You may not have felt like a serial killer, but if you were under a lot of stress, nervous, worried, afraid, etc, your brain may have used that image to express/reflect those emotions. Meditation and smudging can both help with that as well.
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Re: Can spirits send drea
Post # 4
Angels are constantly said to channel dreams so why not other things?
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Re: Can spirits send drea
Post # 5
P.S. it's better to make a dream catcher then buy one. Makes it personal to you.
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