Tibetan Book of the dead

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Tibetan Book of the dead
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

I was in the library the other day (trust me that occasion could be celebrated it's that rare), and i stumbled upon the "Tibetan Book Of The Dead" i'm wondering what kind of a book is it?
It doesn't say anything on the back and i don't know if it's worth reading since i'm not really a book worm and don't really like books or reading.
I know...i'm lazy like that but i don't wanna borrow something that i wont what i wanna know is, has anyone ever read this book and what's it about and a personal opinion would be appreciated

Oh and also i borrowed the Aleister Crowley's book called: "Holly books" or something like hat i have a translated version so i don't know the exact title...the thing is, it looks like it's encoded or something?
It's written in points like 1.,2.,3.,4.,5., and so on and so on...i really don't know how to read it so tips would also be appreciated...
Thanks in advance!
Blessed be!
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Re: Tibetan Book of the dead
Post # 2
Well i had not heard of it so did an ebook search and found it giving it a quick scan through now. To quote the introduction(well in the cope i found)

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is actually a manual for the living. It details the journey each soul must make ofter death as reported back by mediators who used their lives to journey on other planes and bring back information about how reality is constructed. What can we expect after death? The Tibetan Book of the Dead is a guide for the soul, but also is related to
every day life. Once you realize that life and death are not
separate, then death becomes just a continuation of the journey.

I think it definitely sounds a worthwhile read and i think thats what i will do tonight.Thank you brim for posting this

Is it the Holy Books of Thelema?

Thanks again Brim

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Re: Tibetan Book of the dead
Post # 3
The Tibetan book of the dead is definately worth your while, it teaches one how to work through the psyche as to attain a state of pure conciousness through ego death, one of the most intense and beneficial experiences one may have.
It has also been shortened and reworked to much of the same effect in Timothy Leary's Psychedelic prayers, both books will advise that assistance through the use of a entheogen is recommended and it will greatly enhance the experience and thus create a much more lasting impression upon the psyche, but to each his own. best of luck and enjoy the ride
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