It is a shame.......

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It is a shame.......
Post # 1
Way of the Star has committed to shutting down the coven on this site due to the attrocity that was committed to our Priestess Cinnamon and therefore our whole coven. Last night Cinnamon was online late and there were a few ''kids'' on that were getting ugly and breaking many of the rules. With no mods on to regulate what was going on, Cinnamon and a few other seasoned members of the coven tried to curb this ugly behavior. The ''kids'' refused to comply and so Cinnamon made a bold statement saying that ''this is why they were trying to make her a moderator and editor, due to those who can not control themselves.'' Although Cinnamon feels sorry that she lied to try and curb these attacks in the chat and lead them to beleive this, Petra came on and demanded that she tell him who told her that. She tried to reply but the chat kept freezing up and so he kicked her out of the site forever! She even sent him a message explaining that there was no one to tell him as she was making it up just to try and get them to stop and that she was sorry that she blatently lied but was trying to protect the others overall and felt this was the best action to take. She even asked to at least give her a chance to get Way of the Star a new priestess (and that she would leave the site with no fuss) so that the members were not left in a lurch and no reply was given to her and she was banned forever no matter what name she comes in under.

Because we believe in the truth of what this site is supposed to be about....the teaching and guiding of others....we are sickened by the fact that this is obvioulsy not what it's intention is. Too many moderators are power hungry and gag people for no reason, not to mention all the covens that are being run by those with no training or who are role playing.....the site used to be a wonder to any who actually want to learn or do already follow the craft but that is no longer the case.....we are therefore proud to say that we will not tolerate such narrow mindedness and non-compassion for others in a site that ultimately states that is what they uphold.

Way of the Star is no more on this site....but is traveling to another path that will hopefully hold for them the things that they revere most.
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Re: It is a shame.......
Post # 2
Good Luck to the members of way of the past and I hope you find what you are seeking..
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Re: It is a shame.......
Post # 3
Yes...some of the moderators do well with what all they are doing (as hall monitors) but others take the rules overboard (try to be administration)...Cinnamon never claimed she knew mod business and was fully willing to take responsiblity for her lie but was not even allowed to say her piece......she was accused of not telling him who told her that she knew something about mod business...when she knew nothing at all....that is an is not something to get is the fact that all people have the right to speak for themselves and explain themselves....those who are not willing to do so....are too close minded to understand why we did this then.....hope you learn better as you get older.
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Re: It is a shame.......
Post # 4
I don't think Timatea is being immature, more along the lines of telling both her opinion and what happened to Cinnamon.
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Re: It is a shame.......
Post # 5
You can't believe how many people I have told that Raven.

Pet create site... Pet create rules O_O
Who would've thought?

LoL sometimes why someone is gagged is unclear, for one I know that mods usually email the person they gag as to why they were gagged but sometimes a mod will have a slip of thought and completely leave it anonymous.

Yes it's frustrating that we HAVE to follow rules on a website but I think with ALL OF THE RESOURCES HERE, you'd all be prefectly fine with it. Well maybe not all of you can rap your heads around it but I can say one thing.

Arguing with a mod about a gag just makes things worse dude.

Off we go... toodles ^_^
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Re: It is a shame.......
Post # 6
I do think Petrarca was a little heavy handed, and it's a shame that He was pushed to that point, but it's an even bigger shame that Cinnamon resorted to lies to try to get what she wanted. Truth should be the goal of whatever Path we choose, but a Path strewn with lies can never lead to Truth. It sounds like this site is actually better off without Way of the Star. Blessed be.
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