spells gone wrong

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spells gone wrong
Post # 1
This thread is for spells you notice that are "wrong". Written incorrectly, stupid, makes no sense...and yada yada...only the ones you feel need to be addressed. I'd like for us to work together and see about fixing these "arye" spells.

Here's something easy to get started

Steep a teaspoon of basil in a cup of boiling water, and strain out the herb.
Add it to you bath water for a protective and cleansing influence.
It is particularly useful to clean off the feelings left by contact with those who are negative or controlling

What wrong with this spell. I can name a few, what all do you see?

Re: spells gone wrong
Post # 2
It's not very specific. It's kinda sloppy, in fact. And how is just putting basil in the bath supposed to protect you?

If I had written this, I'd have made some mention about "visualize all the negativity being washed away in the bath" or "chant (insert chant here) while in the bath, and visualize a white light around you, shielding you from all negativity".

Re: spells gone wrong
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Well basil isnt for protection from what I know, I usually bath with herbs and things!!

What is steep?
Also i put the herbs straight into my bath why would you need to put it into the boiling water then strain it, thats doesnt make sense to me as you soak in the bath of herbs.
Add what to the bath? the water or strained herbs?
It doesnt allow you to understand of how to clean of the feelings like Nygu (sorry if spelt your name wrong) says no info about how to visualise this!!

Just my feelings of the spell, obviously others will have different views :D

Re: spells gone wrong
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I've used basil for protection since i can remember and it worked for me...bathing herbal salts are one of THE most effective protection methods...BUT, you still need to include visiulizing have to in every spell

Re: spells gone wrong
Post # 5
nice to see the true spell writers figuring this all out, what about those who aren't strong in spell writing, are you seeing what the others are talking about?

Re: spells gone wrong
Post # 6
here is an easy one- pick out the flaws, and for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT do this spell. You WILL NOT turn into a werewolf.

werewolf spell?
do this at midnight, cut ur left palm put 2 white candles on side of you one on left other right , same with friend, one red in the middle, rub ur blood on the sftaff and chant, by the powers of wolf and the powers of man, me me and my staff strong as it can, from the legends of new and the fables of old, give me the powers of all of them told,so mote it be write this down and burn it after you did it with the red candle, blow all candles out and walk away do it with a friend one candle on left and one on right for both of you red in middle, 4 whites 1 red

Re: spells gone wrong
Post # 7
that's not even coherent. also, mixing blood with a friend is a bad idea. there's all kinds of nasty germs in blood and it's very easy to have HIV and not know it.

Re: spells gone wrong
Post # 8
THANK YOU NING! *ding ding ding* Right on the nose hun. You NEVER mix blood with anyone's, no matter what the circumstances are due to HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis A,B, and C. Also, the spell had ZERO form, and ultimately is useless because of it.

Re: spells gone wrong
Post # 9
What's wrong here?

Blood Curse
Blood of yourself
Blood of the target
Black soil

Take a empty jar, put a few drops of your blood, use soil to cover the half surface of the jar. Take the target blood, put it on the soil, chat the following: The blood, listen to me, destroy this target, _____did bad things to me, I WANT HIM TO REGRET! DESTROY HIM NOW! I COMMENT YOU! SO MOTE IT BE! SO MOTE IT BE! Plant the needles on the target blood, as many as you want. The more, the powerful. But if it is just a punishment, just maximum 9. When it reaches 10, than you are killing the target. Think before you put. Have any Q about this, please PM me.

Re: spells gone wrong
Post # 10
You never use the blood of ur self for the god and goddess dont need ur blood. Dont go after someone for there blood that is called assault and ppl dont like it if u try to take there blood. Rember what ye sends forth shall come back to thee times three. "chat" should be chant, spell is very vague.

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