Weird Feelings

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Weird Feelings
Post # 1
Have any of you guys ever had weird feelings before? I just had one last night and it was more then just a feeling...

This is gonna propably be the most strangest story i have ever told you. And it dosen't have to do with mermiads, but possibly the paranormal or supernatural.(not show lol)

But for the last 2 days Monday, Sunday i have a headache in the spot between/above my eyebrows. where the third eye should be. they where bad headaches, but nothing too extreme, just your normal headaches and i usually get them there anyway. And i had a headache today on Tuesday August 18th. And its gone down a little now. I took some advil to help. But i still feel it a little.

Ok now the strange part be prepared..... As i was trying to sleep, moving around a lot etc...i kept getting the feeling like i was was being watched by something. didn't really know what kind of feeling it was or if it was just concidence and my mind was playing with me. This happened around from 11:30 to 12 am. I went to bed about 11:45 or so. I kept hearing faint to small howling sound. And maybe even faint growling. It was so faint i couldn't even hear it bearly like maybe outside my window, it was hard to tell. I didn't see nothing at all. Even know it was dark in my room. But i don't even know if this was real or me just imagining it.

This stopped a little after 12 am or so i think it was like 12:08 i think or so. But man it was so freaking weird.

And one more thing. There something in the back of mind telling me, maybe i am not meant to be a mermaid in this life. But something deeper, something different.

What do you think of about this?? i mean this is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. i will keep track of it. If it happens again tonight ill let you know.
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Re: Weird Feelings
Post # 2
forget about the mermaid part. meant to have left that out sorry :( because i was talking to some one on here through email.

but the other part is interesing
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Re: Weird Feelings
Post # 3
Maybe your holding feelings deep inside you and maybe these messages tried to show you these feelings? Or it could be a sign for trouble arising.
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Re: Weird Feelings
Post # 4
yeah, it happened to me last night too.

Around 11:30PM to 12:00AM, as well.

Only without the headache.
A little different though.

Yes, I have a feeling that someone's watching me.
And some images come to my mind like when I'm going to face the mirror I will see a ghost appearing behind me.
But all are just illusions, no truth.

It's pretty weird, though.
The feeling got strong at 12 midnight, I think. I don't know because there was no clock in the room I have been, I only knew because a voice told me in my mind "because it's 12 o'clock midnight," then I just agreed. Truth be told.
The feeling faded away sooner,too.
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Re: Weird Feelings
Post # 5
Hey, so last night i didn't go to bed almost after 12 am and soon i started to go to sleep or trying to.

I still got the feeling in the back of my mind that i was being watched or more like being guarded by something. I couldn't fall asleep at all, part of my body was shaking some. My upper body anyway. It wasn't cold or anything. It was warm. we had the air on like 78. The reason i was shaking is because i had uneasy feeling or something. My mind was shaking some too.

I didn't hear anything that time. But i could feel it laying on my floor or standing on my floor close to my bed or in my room. It just felt like it anyway. This lasted from 12:50 to like 1:45 to 2am. After 2 am past it was close to 3am finally started calming down some. And i was feeling better. But man i tell you i didn't get a whole lot of good sleep last night.

And so propably because of that. I woke up with another bad headache. It feels like the headache is where my third eye is and above my eyebrows etc..and its been 3 days now since i had this headache. This headache feels even worse. I feel kinda sick but not really sick. I woke up about 9 am or so and took like 3 advil it bearly helped and then i slept for a while and now i took some again around 11 am or so and its helping some. But i hate headaches so much ugghh.

Sorry this such a long message. Its just i feel like something is hapening to me maybe. And i couldn't tell it shorter. Because of all the things iam feeling right now. And i had to tell you and your the ownly person on here i can talk to about it. :) You really are a good friend and i appreciate it.

One more thing, the whole headache being where the third eye is thing. I to me believe and feel like maybe my third eye is opening. Even though i have never really done hardly that much meditation. But i have had headaches for the past 3 days now. This is the third day.

What do you think about this Mikki??
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Re: Weird Feelings
Post # 6
So this feeling happened again my second night.

And sorry i forgot to meantion. that what i am feeling is like someone or something is watching me and/or guarding me. This is gonna sound crazy. But that is what it feels like to me.

It feels like hell hounds or some sort of black dog is watching me. But yet i can't actually see it. I k now i am like what the??

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Re: Weird Feelings
Post # 7
Hell hounds are hard to understand, and are very rare.

Black dogs are of Chinese mythlore, who were believed to swallow up the sun during an eclipse.

Have you ever owned a dog as a child? Or one that is deceased?
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Re: Weird Feelings
Post # 8
no i havent had any black dogs or anything. I mean i've had dogs but not that kind.
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Re: Weird Feelings
Post # 9
The mermaid part, I do not understand at all, lol. But for the growling/ howling part maybe I can add on. There are actually a couple things that it could be, it could possibly be very very faint telepathy, u might be picking up on someones thoughts totally unintentionally and without control. Or, it might also be a gift of another kind, the gift to hear spirits. If that is so, the reason they might have sounding like howling or growling could possibly be because they had nothing else better to really do except mess with u, or they could possibly be trying to scare u out of finding, using, and mastering ur gift so that they may continue to exist.

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Re: Weird Feelings
Post # 10
yeah sorry about the mermaid part lol i meant to edit my post more. i was talking to a friend on here about mermaids. really sorry about that part.

but the whole thing about seeing spirits. this dosen't feel like a spirit to me. it feels more like an entity or something like that. This kind of spirit feels like something of the dark.

I feel like its a black dog or what do you call hell hounds in some countries. A Black Shuck. But that is what i am sensing. The only time i am sensing this is when i go to bed or asleep late at night.

Last night after 11pm or so. As i was going into the kitchen. I felt like it was following me. I was in the kitchen making some popcorn. And every time i turned around. I would look towards my living room hallway just staring out that way. And somtimes i feel like i could just sense it was there staring or watching me on its four legs. I swear it feeling just felt eerie. I was the only one in the kitchen. My mom and dad where already asleep. And it was so quiet in the house, it made more eerie.

I can show you a picture of something resembling this black shuck. Here is the picture.
this is the closet thing i could find that resembles a black shuck.

But i am telling you that is what iam sensening. Now i woke up today but no headaches, I feel fine during the day. But sometimes at night it happens.

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