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Forums -> General Info -> curses

Post # 1
Is it possible to place a curse on someone without knowing it? Can a place be cursed as well as a person? What is a good way to break a curse?
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Re: curses
Post # 2
Get a white candle and place it in a holder.
Place the holder in the middle of your cauldron.
Fill the cauldron with water so that the candle extends above the rim of the
cauldron and above the water.
Light the candle and visualize the curse being broken.
As soon as the flame burns down and touches the water, it will go out.
Dig a hole in the earth and pour the in the rest of the water and bury the
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Re: curses
Post # 3
Mom once told me that serious looking people and people who are in a bad mood often times give little kids ''the eye'' she said that the little one's minds are easily dominated and a scary or serious staree would make them sick even if the person did not mean any harm
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Re: curses
Post # 4
Curses are most commonly placed unintentionally when someone has very strong negative feelings about someone. The energy you direct at this person begins to draw in its own energy, and it can grow and grow and be hard for this person to get out of. Curses aren't like Hollywood magick, and they mainly work psychologically on a person. They can be intentionally placed on someone, but this takes a lot more work than shown in the movies to get the curse to have any real effect.

Places can be cursed; sometimes there are just places of very negative energy, just like there are places of very positive/good/happy energy. Items are probably the most common thing to be cursed, like paintings and chairs (Napoleon's chair for example), whatever.

As for breaking curses, try banishing spells and lucky amulets, as well as setting up many protective barriers.
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Re: curses
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Willpower is the key to the effectiveness of your casting and braking curses.
But, there is also experiance. You need to do what you are doing and have to follow a few steps before you are able to cast a spell/ritual/curse correctly. It's the procedure of magick souch as Grounding and centering and Casting a circle, that differ poems from spells.

Also, you aren't able to cast a spell that someone else made without truly examining it and understanding it.
Especially the Symbolysm and the chant of the spell or the ritual.
If you don't know what a certain thing is for, then it has no use for you or the spell. It is your intent, willpower, and belief that give power to the spell. So if you don't know what a certain thing is for, that certain thing won't have any kind of power in it at all.
It's a very common missconception u?u
That is why newbies in magick never get a spell right.
Because you need to learn about things before you use them.

That is why they need to learn about stuff...understand them, before they can use them.
So even in a simple spell you need to have more knowledge then reciting a simple poem.
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Re: curses
Post # 6

Yes a place jest like a person can be cursed

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Re: curses
By: / Novice
Post # 7
spells are cast by strong intent, if you glare at a person and maybe think something you might unknowingly cast. hence the fear of the 'evil eye' in ancient times. while candle and a chant to undo the curse works. if you actually cast a curse, like did a whole ritual, then it might be a bit harder, but simply using a while candle and saying sorry works on little ones. you can add more too it if you want, incense, herbs, stuff like that.
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Re: curses
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Person can curse you in the street,just by wishing you bad and in a rage voice. And if someone angry and in pain,can say curses with a strong anger and hurt is done. When people upset and saying harsh words and damning and it's can be damn as he said with a strong rage and hate. Need to be careful what we are saying when we are angry
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