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By: / Knowledgeable
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I know that for some (like me) the selection of candles in the stores isn't big so we have to make them at home. I know some of you don't know how to make candles, and i know some of you don't consider it dangeorus...this is a very safe way of making candles

You will need:
To make candles:
- White wax
- Molds
- 2 Cooking Pots
- Kitchen
- Thin Round Stick (Knitting Needles work great)
- Crayons

To make the wick:
- Cotton Wool
- Paper
- Tape
- Melted wax
- Scissors

To make a wick:
Draw a circle on a paper, mark the center and cut the circle out.
Cut a straight line from the edge to the center.
Grab the two ends and fold the circle so you get a cone shaped funnel.
To make the cone a funnel, you need to cut the spike at the end off.
The thickness of the wick depends on how wide the hole at the end of the funnel is ? meaning, the wider the hole, the thicker the wick.

Get a nice, thin and long piece of Cotton Wool.
Roll it a little and put it in the funnel.
Put one end of the Cotton out of the funnel so you have one end sticking out, and one end on the other side.
Pour some wax in the funnely and let the cotton absorb it.
When you think it has absorbed it, grab the end of the cotton that is sticking out of the funnel, and start twisting it, and VERY SLOWLY pulling it out.
As you pull it out, blow on it, so the wax hardens on the cotton making a wick as it comes out.
Repeat until you have reached the end.
Mind that when you have reached the end of the wick, the wax remaining in the funnel will spill out making a big mess. So it's best you prepare for that situation and put papper everywhere!
The tighter you twist the cotton, the better the quality of the wick!!!
When you have the whole wick out, lay it on a paper and straighten it.
Wait for it to harden and it's complete!

To make a candle:
You will need one bigger and one smaller pot to SAFELY melt wax.
Pour water in the bigger pot until it's half full (or half empty whichever you perfer lol ).
Now, the smaller pot has to fit the bigger pot so it comes on top and still leave room for steam to escape! Brake down the white wax into smaller bits (the larger the bits are the longer it will take to melt) and put them in the smaller pot.
Wait for the wax to melt and then add a colored crayon (Logically, the color of the crayon will be the color of the finished candle).
when the crayon has melted, stirr slowly to avoid spilling the wax around.
When the color has blended in with the wax, pour the wax in the molds.
When the wax has hardened a little (just enough to hold the stick in place), put the stick in and center it.
When the wax has fully hardened (leave it over night ), remove stick and insert the wick in the hole. Fill the hole with dripping wax in it from another candle.
And you have yourself your own home made candle.

If you want multicolored candles:

Pour hot wax in the mold, when it has hardened a little bit, i press in a little cube to make an impression, then fill the rest of the mold with the secondary color.

The impression is so that the wax holds together and the candle doesn't brake. After you make the impression put the stick in and after that you can fill the rest of the mold with the second colored wax.

you can also sprinkle the candle with the secondary colored wax to add a nice texture. Rolling the candle (slightly warmed) in widely spread sand adds a nice texture.
Carving in the candle is best with a really sharp knife and very slowly
ummmmmmmmmm what else...oh can scrape a little of the wax off the candle, and heat up the walls of the candle, the roll the candle in those scrapings to make a really nice touch to it. You can use secondary colored wax scrapings too.

there's more...if you drip wax on top of a pillar candle, it will look like the candle is weeping (crying)
If you drip wax on the bottom of the candle, it will look like something's growing on it
If you scrape the caps off of matchsticks and grind them, then add this dust in the cotton (the cotton to make the wick), you will have some fun when the candle burns.

I have more tricks i just can't think of anymore right now lol.
I'll add to the discussion as i remember.

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