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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Opposition

Post # 1
Anyone have a spell that can help someone see what they are doing is wrong and to stop harassing me. It has to do with the courts and what's worse he owes me money!
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Re: Opposition
Post # 2
You will sooner shoot that bastard than gain help from anybody here, here are just kids and crazy people who love themselves too much. Let's bet in 50$ that nobody will offer you help, even if they do it will turn out to be nothing.

I'm really sorry because of your problems and I advise you too search help somewhere else as sooner you can.
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Re: Opposition
Post # 3
I'll take that bet
and since somebody has already offered help,
I already win. :D

I agree with the first reply.
Another idea is to take some diplomacy lessons
and see about talking it out
with the individual you have problems with.

(Hey, look, more help!
Does this mean I get a bonus $50?)
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Re: Opposition
By: / Adept
Post # 4
I think your better angle is to work towards legal justice, have the judge or jury see what is just and righteous and rule in your favor. Google the term "courtcase spell" or "court case spell." In my experience, unethical people often have thick egos which prevents them from seeing and/or admitting the errors of their ways.

But, if you want to try:

I would get one of those large candles shaped as a skull, get it in white for clear thinking, black or dark blue for control, and then anoint it with some complementary condition oil such as Clarity, Wisdom, King Solomon, Reconciliation, Pay Me, Compelling, Commanding, etc., as you situation dictates.

Add something sweet to sweeten this person to you (sugar, honey, corn syrup). Next choose an odd number of botanicals that correspond to your work (you did not give enough specifics about your situation for me to hazzard a guess). Sprinkle the herbs on the oily candle and use them in as many applications for this working as possible (in your petition paper, on the altar, mixed with incense, etc.).

Then baptise this candle under your target's name, add a personal effect such as hair, handwritting sample, etc., write up a petition paper with your desired outcome, and place it under the candle.

Make a fire-proof "altar" surface, and place the fixed skull candle + petition paper inside of a metal cake pan, incorporate other ritual elements to your taste and religious tradition, and light that bad boy up.

These candles can take up to a week to burn. They can also burn in wild and unpredicatable ways. It's a big candle. My preference is to allow them to burn steadily, but that might not be an option for you. You have days, most likely, to put energy into this candle as it burns. Speak to it as if it is the head of the person you are trying to influence - *Get into his/her head* Talk to him/her, tell him/her what you want from them, how they should be thinking, command and control them.

This would fall under the command and compelling family of spells. Google that phrase for more ideas.

So do i get a prize? The $50?
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