Blinded and Close Minded

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Blinded and Close Minded
Post # 1
(~Caution~ you are about to read a complaint.
You have been warned.)

Ok, so there are people who complain about certain religious groups
being close minded and hypocritical,
then these same people turn around
and insult what they don't understand;
making themselves hypocritical and revealing
that they too are close minded.

What gets me is that they then lie about having done so
when the evidence(and in some cases proof they forgot to delete)
is just a few posts above their denial.
It doesn't just happen on this site,
it happens on just about any site that involves religious disputes.

These people show an extreme lack in their intelligence level
every single time they do this,
and even when that is pointed out to them
they refuse to learn.
Showing that they are still close minded
and more so then those that they would criticize.

Furthermore these people are arrogant.
They hypocritically criticize other people
for thinking themselves better then others,
and then these critics talk as if they are better
then the people they criticize
just because they don't follow the same religion.

So here it is simplified for any of you
who had troubling following along with what I was saying.

Christian hypocrites think themselves better then other religions,
non-Christian hypocrites think themselves better then Christians.
Any difference? No.
They are both arrogant,
both ignorant,
and both hypocritical.
(so that none of you think this is a racist/prejudice statement,
pay close attention to that word "hypocrite"
which follows the first word of the each example).

So please, all of you who might even possibly be close minded,
do yourselves and the world a favor by opening it up
or at least don't make yourselves look stupid
by trying to criticize other people.
Thank you.
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Re: Blinded and Close Minded
Post # 2
Well said 0.0
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Re: Blinded and Close Minded
Post # 3
Very well said Dae!

I had the same problem in the town I lived in, people never stopped to ask. They just showed their arrogance and ignorance by looking down their noses and called my family 'different'


We are human with different beliefs, doesnt make us anyless of a human than themselves.
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Re: Blinded and Close Minded
Post # 4
well said
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Re: Blinded and Close Minded
Post # 5
Thank you, thank you and thank you.
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Re: Blinded and Close Minded
Post # 6
Just to clarify further,
and this has nothing to do with the posts here,
the point in this thread was to say
that the persecution goes both ways.

Christian hypocrites persecute non-Christians
just as much as non-Christians persecute the Christians.

And sometimes(this is personal observation now)
it seems like the Christians
do get the worst end of the deal,
because even after they back off
or even when they have not persecuted the non-Christians at all
they still get blamed for doing so
and still get persecuted for believing in a higher power.
They also get accused of murder and blasphemy
towards people who died centuries ago.
They get accused of serious crimes regardless of innocence.

Whereas the non-Christians are simply lectured
and told that they are going to hell,
showing ignorance and hypocrisy
on the individual Christian's part
rather then truly saying anything bad about the non-Christian.

The arrogance comes in on both sides as well.
The Christians who are ignorant see themselves as superior
for being on the "right side" or whatever,
while the non-Christians who are ignorant
see themselves as superior for not being fooled
into that religion.
These meaning that both sides are equally arrogant.
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Re: Blinded and Close Minded
Post # 7
People hate admitting their own flaws, as it is often said: they take themselves too seriously... I've noticed how it is a trend of sorts for pagans to trash-talk christians and their beliefs.

I concur that in their self rigtheousness they indeed do become that which they hate... I know two particular sayings that would be relevant to this subject:

*We are reluctant to accept how much we have in common with those we hate...

*Before you go around pointing out others' faults, take a look in the mirror...
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