Dream Interpret.?

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Dream Interpret.?
Post # 1
Well Here's my dream, It could mean something, or it could mean nothing. If anyone could try and interpret it for me, that would be great. Thank you

It was a quick dream, In front of me were to throne like seats. I couldnt see who was sitting in them because of the back of the seats and all around me was darkness, the ground was almost as if it was dirt. It looked as though the seats where on the edge of a cliff looking towards the edge. I could see on the inner arm rests two hands, on the left was the a pale white hand, a females. On the right was a dark, shadow like, hand of a male. I was standing about 10 ft away in the distance, and I see the dark males hand pick up the females hand and lean in to kiss it, the man was a shadow person i believe, short hair slicked back, sharp looking nose and when he leaned in to kiss her hand I saw a glint of red from his eyes. Then he let the females hand go and it just fell limply, almost as if she were dead. Then he turned back facing the cliffs edge. Upon seeing the glint of red I felt a little freightened, hoping he hadn't seen me. Then the dream ended. I couldn't see my body at all, It was as though i was looking through someone elses eyes.
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Re: Dream Interpret.?
Post # 2
You probably feel trapped and frustrated - not in any literal sense but a figurative one.

Seems like your subconscious saying you've been spending too much time thinking of abstract thoughts and are trying to push your present worries out of your mind.

Judging by the strange male symbolism in your dream, it seems that you feel pretty damn lonely and perhaps have your eye on someone, but have an irrational fear of feeling inadequate if the relationship went physical.

Impassioned feelings ain't bad, yo, even for people who seem out of reach.
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Re: Dream Interpret.?
Post # 3
lol Thank You.
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Re: Dream Interpret.?
Post # 4
You're Welcome! ;)
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