my future

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my future
Post # 1
Hey everyone!!! I'm Claire. you may know me formerly as trackchick1111

I don't do magic.. atleast not yet. Im just collecting info before i dive into something. anyway.. thats besides the point

My whole life. I've never been in an actual relationship. nothing. and im going to be 17 soon. I feel pathetic.

there is this one guy though. he's super popular at my school. but so nice, and treats everyone with respect. he's a bit different than your cleche teen guy.

I've been getting a lot of comments said to me, that we'd be super cute together. just randomly. I've had dreams constantly about him and I being together. I feel weird. but he's the only one i want to ever date in highschool... I don't know.. all of the puzzle pieces keep falling together. and they're hinting to me that we're meant to be together in highschool for now..

if there is anyone who could just let me know about my future in terms of this guy, please tell me. I don't want him to be in my mind all the time. I want to find peace and clarity in my mind. and without knowing.. i don't think i can.

if you can help me, that would be a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. and I don't want to cast a love spell. because that would mean that he likes me only because of the spell. not just because he wants to.. you get what i mean???

PLEASE HELP. I know this is pathetic.. but to me.. its not.:(
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Re: my future
Post # 2
Well want you can do is try to find someone in your school that does tarot readings or scrying.
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Re: my future
Post # 3
hah... theres no way of finding that. I'd have to go to my aunts and talk to some of her psychic friends.. because all of the people in my town are super christian freaks. lol
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