blood witches

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blood witches
Post # 1
Ok well im not to sure about this and im so sorry if i annoy anyone with my silly questions. but see my mother can do things like see auras ect and sence energys ect realy easy and when she whaen to see a REALY good psycic a few years back he told her she was talanted and could do things like read tarot cards without needing to learn and stuff like that. so i know she is a natural witch and im very similar with the whole energy thing and i can look into someones eyes and get every emotion there feeling ect so a few witches have told me im a blood is it possible for magic to be passed throught blood ect
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Re: blood witches
Post # 2
thats kind of a touchy subject as it still stands up for debate to this day. some believe yes it is herediatary. others say it's an odd form of reincarntaion.however my personal belief as i have seen this happen before is that and person around strong enough energies can pick up on things sooner or later.

a good example is my one friend doesnt practice never has never will. he has been hanging around 4 people who practice heavily and after about 2 years can pick up on subtle thoughts and sense energy.

my other friend whos mother was pagan eventually picked up on things like the family book, familiars,and when she did a ritual.

no real suprise when stuff like this happens. by the sound of thing your mother is part of the gypsy form of the craft which is particularly strong when the mother and daughter are close.
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Re: blood witches
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Magic is energy and there is a lot of energy in blood. All blood has magical properties. As for inheriting magic through your parents the answer is yes. A child of magical parents can have little magical ability to mass amounts. It is just the luck of the draw but having magic run in your family helps. Though most of us have had a magical ancestor at one point or another. As for past lives they help as well. The more you understand your past lives the more you understand about life and yourself. Many different things play a part in just how magical you are. Sometimes it is just a matter of remembering and connecting ;)
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Re: blood witches
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Since i observed my family story i can say that is valid at least
for my family i am the forth generation i have some of our family
abilities tho i have another which are not typical for them
,but then i remembered that this is not my first life and i have
them from another .My family does not use magic and they dislike
them abilities so they do not speak about it yet they do a lot
things without thinking just like habit it is into them blood
no matter what they do they can not change that nor I.So i think
that by some reason if you were witch or wizard it is possible
to be born into such a family of course not all magician were
born into magician families .And it is possible if you are
strong magician people to pick up by subconscious way
some abilities of yours especially if these people are
close to you or you are training with them often .I have
a lot of cases with my friends who sometimes feel strange things
near to me or they dream strange dreams even if i do not
mention that i have abilities or that i am magician .
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Re: blood witches
Post # 5
Even if your not or you are your still just the same, we all fail in spells and we all can cast spells. Even if it is just a little better it still does not matter. What does matter is that your starting now because you want to change something or learn something.
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