paternety test results

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paternety test results
Post # 1
OK I am new here and I am in need of some help.Is there a way to manipulate in order to show that i am the father of a child.I know this is a odd request but there is a just cause for this.I have yet to take the test but we are in need of me to be the father to get the child out of a dangerous situation.there is a good chance I am but I need to cover all bases.all help would be greatly appreciated and if all goes well I will be eternally greatful.
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Re: paternety test results
Post # 2
Well that's a switch.

I am unaware of any such spell to do that, however I would double check your laws as in most places a person who has acted as a parent for a certian period of time is entitled to rights.
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Re: paternety test results
Post # 3
thus is the danger.the man who has custody of the child has abused her for years both physically and emotionally and possibly sexually(she had been repeatedly molested by the mans oldest son who is still in the household).The mother is unable to get custody due to her emotional state from years of abuse from this man.he was tested but scored high enough to not be ruled out but not high enough to say he definitely is.i just recently was reunited with the mother who confessed this to me.according to the calender it is just about right but I need to help this girl.I have already had two children pass away from heart problems and I don't have the heart to lose another per say.
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Re: paternety test results
Post # 4
Contact child services and leave magic out of this one.
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Re: paternety test results
By: / Adept
Post # 5
Even if you are not Catholic, i would encourage you to do a serious novena to Saint Joseph. He is the father of fathers and a very gentle and compassionate energy. Give it a Google, find a good novena prayer you like, and then buy a glass-encased St. Joseph vigil candle from your nearest Catholic store or a Latino grocery store.

I wish you all the best.
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