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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
What do you think of soulmates? Most people believe that a soulmate is someone that you will fall in love with and they'd be your second half and all of that. But I don't believe you have to fall in love with them. A soulmate is just the recognition of the two souls. Every soul is different weither they are new like that of one of my best friends, been around for a bit but not old like one of my exes, or old like that of myself and my mother. What do you think of the souls and soulmates? Do they really recognize each other or do you think its hogwash?
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Re: Souls
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
I believe that soul mates are a beautiful thing and that you can have different types. Lovers, friends, relatives, and even animals can be a soul mate. Sometimes it is due to past lives and sometimes they are newer forged in your current lifetime.
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Re: Souls
Post # 3
Well, if you and someone were lovers in a past life, then I think you your soul would recognize their soul. I would not call them soulmates, though.
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Re: Souls
Post # 4
Going by the old term of "mate" meaning "friend" or "ally"
I would say that a soul mate is a close friend
either from a past life or on a spiritual level.
Either way,
your soul would be familiar with the other's soul,
you two would recognize each other,
and you would at least be good friends from the start.
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Re: Souls
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Well, to me a soulmate is someone, who "completes" you.
Completion as in compliments your caracteristics. Filling and correcting the flaws in your personality with their own personality so that the two personalities (souls) fit like a puzzle piece.
Those two van easily fall in love since they compliment each other and fill in the holes that they have in each others feelings.

That's a more philozophical explanation from me lol...but yes...i do believe in soulmates as ones who may not be destined to be together, but are DEFFINETLY great together as a couple since some of us are destined to stick with people who beat us up and treat us like trash but, we love them for it...
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Re: Souls
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
sorry for the spelling mistakes
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Re: Souls
Post # 7
i believe there is soulmates but u dont always find them you may spend your whole life longing to find one but you may not find them.soulmates are beautiful things that are hard to find yes you would know that person is your soulmate because you would feel drawn to them in a strange way you would know them and swear that you have seen them before but KNOW you never have. For me i cant seem to find that other half.
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Re: Souls
Post # 8
I believe in soul mates to a point. I believe that some people have soul mates and that some don't.

This idea of soul mates has driven some people to the point of insanity. Some people waste their entire lives looking for a soul mate that could either be under their nose or could be with someone that makes them happy.

If you believe in the concept of soul mates, then that's fine. Just don't waste your life away looking for someone who may or may not be there.
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Re: Souls
Post # 9
Anyone can be your soulmate my preferred term for that is kindred spirit I view soulmates and kindrid spirits to be slightly different(with kindred spirits there is mostly always a genuine likeness and closeness) also you can be with a soulmate and not completely get on with them or they could only be in your life for a short time, their the ones that teach you a valuable life lesson.
The context in which soulmate is referred to in the original post is what I personal would class a twin flame/soul and is generally said that you will not reunite with your twin flame/soul until you both have reached each others last incarnation on earth so the souls can then ascend together of course that would be the ideal for the soul, but there is no guarantee the both of you may have chosen to ascend at the same time.
So you could spend your whole life time looking and never finding them.
But that doesnt mean you can't find a fulfilling lasting loving realtionship with someone else you can easily find just as much enjoyment and richness from being with a soulmate/kindrid spirit the difference is with your twin flame/soul their the other half of you from the beginning of your souls creation you are one soul split into male and female aspects of the soul who live lives separately.

Love and Light
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