3 easy spells huh...

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> 3 easy spells huh...

3 easy spells huh...
Post # 1
I know a few of you here are new to magick it self, and may have looked online for some spells. Normally you'll see 3 easy to do spells...

1. Money spells

2. Wish spells

3. Love spells

They all sound good and yummy huh, will if you truly look at them closer their not.

Lets start out with the money spells. If your low on cash and need some more but can't wait until your own pay cheek, cast a money spell. All it does is let you find more money easier or people give it to you, so how bad can that be? More then you can ever thought of... If you need money now and nothing can't wait then I can understand, but if your just doing it to get some snacks or some useless junk then it is a bad thing. You see when you cast it then money is drawn to you right? Where does that money come from in the first place? If you find 5, 10, 20, 50, or even 100 dollars. Where could it have come from? Lets say that someone needs the money more then you but lost it because of your own spell. Just saying that could happen. Whatever you find because of the spell you cast your taking from the people that may need it more then you, to feed family, to go to school, to get clothes. Just think about it, do you really need money that bad to be stealing it from other people?

Next up is wishing spells. What could be better then to wish whatever you want? I mean it can't really hurt anyone or anything, right? What it does is it follows your order, your wish. It does the right changes to make you happy if not worse. Of course if your not skilled in understanding how it works then it will
A. BackFire
B. Not work
C. Work but not fully
D. Work all the way
D is a very low chance if you have no clue what your doing. This wish magick is not for people just picking up the wand and dagger, it is for those who can handle the power to make those kinds of wishes. In fact their is a safer way to wish, but it is not a spell at all. If you ever watched the Secret, then you know what I am talking about.

At least, Love spells. The power to make anyone fall in love with you, means that you don't have to wait or worry about that one person saying "no" when all you can do is cast a love spell. And best of all a lot of people say it is a spell for anyone, you don't even need skill to cast it! Only if that was true, what a love spell does is tricks the person's mind or/and lets that person see you with more passion. To do so then you need to get into that person's mind and change a few things, the spell alone with a few red candles and oils won't do that for you. But even if it was that easy like some people say it is, you still may not want to do it after I say this. To me I see the love spell as a curse, your taking that persons will, soul, mind, and eyes. That person is now trapped within your own grasp so you can get your own little way. Not only is it a curse but it is a strong curse that is very hard to get rid of, you see when someone puts a love spell on you, you may not feel any different at all. Unless the person that put the spell on you and broke up with you (could break it because the caster losses the desire for the spell so it will slowly or all together be gone).

I hope if you did read this long text, you may have learned a thing or two about those so called "3 easy spells!"
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Re: 3 easy spells huh...
Post # 2
thanks for posting this abyss, it's really important that kids know this
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Re: 3 easy spells huh...
Post # 3
Yeah, but the chances of someone staying and reading finding out their not spells but words is still pretty low.
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Re: 3 easy spells huh...
Post # 4
thanks for the tips
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Re: 3 easy spells huh...
Post # 5
Excellent tips1 Thank you.
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Re: 3 easy spells huh...
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: 3 easy spells huh...
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
If we were to worry about every possible possiblity when we cast spells like that then we might as well not cast anything.

I'd cast a money spell, I'd cast a wish spell (easier to manifest, though), and I'd cast a sex spell.
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