The truth!

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The truth!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
I'll make this as simple as possible. I'll write down a few pointers for those who just started with magick, and for those who think they know what magick is but they don't know. Thinking is not the same as knowing.

Magick does not have colors! The witch has a color though. Magick is a tool used by the witch. Think of it as a hammer. The hammer is a tool used by many masters...Blacksmith, carpenter, mechanic, sculpturist, and so on. Now think of those masters as witches using magick in their own way. See? The magick is only a tool used by many witches of different colors.

Another thing. There is a fine line between magick and fiction.
There are things you can do, and there are things you can't do.
Let me explain a few things to you. Vampires, werewolfs, mermaids, invisibility, raising the dead, flying, levitation and stuff like that.
*sigh* They CAN be done...but not in the way you're imagining it.

Vampires: People or so pirits with higher capability to drain precious energies from PEOPLE(as in humans)!
Not human-flesh-hungry-into-bat-transforming-blood-sucking creatures for goodness sake! They are called Vampires because people tend to link sertain abilities to certain animals - in this case Vampire bats who suck on blood. Realtion: Vampires suck on energy Vampire bats suck on blood.

Werewolfs: People with a higher sense of smell and hearing.
Not human-flesh-hungry-into-wolf-transforming creatures. They are called were wolfs because of the same reason as Vampires.

Mermaids: People who love water, the sea, and everthing in it and are extremely linked to it and amazed by its life and glory.
Again...NOT people who turn into half human half fish and wim just for the heck of it. They are named mermaids because of their love for the sea and water. The name itself was made up just cus they were a special kind and needed to be named.

Invisibility: An effect of a spell to make people ignore you or pay less attention to you. Of course, if you jump around them naked they will notice you. The effect is that so the people around you would pay less attention to you if you want to be less noticable or left alone. Great if you are being harrased and abused by other teasing at school.
It wont make you dissapear to other peoples eyes so that they wont be able to see you.

Raising the dead: Avoking the spirits of people who have passed away to have another chance to speak with them. Usually we loose contact with the deceased after their death. But that doesn't have to be the case. You can call out to them and communicate with them. Fortunetly, we cannot awaken their bodies. Laws of physics and biology still cooperate with the laws of magick. The disfigured bodies, decayed flesh, and dead brain cells wouldmake them look horrible, and mentally and physically challenged. So it's better if they are left in the spirit world.

Flying: A sensation or mental state where some of your senses tell you that you are flying. Drugs, meditation, astral projection and some other things are capable of making you reach that state. It is not physical flight like the birds are flying...or the characters in some cartoons do. is only a sensation or a mental in a way, an illusion.

Levitation: The same as flying. Oftenly the sensation occurs when you are excercising energy manipulation. The energy makes you feel light and sometimes you don't feel the ground. Again, an illusion.

People in the old times didn't have communication like we do now. They communicated verbally and stories passed on from one person to another. Each adding their bit to every story. Some of the things were explained like they were supposed to, and some things were explain with a bit of fantasy, lies and confusion added to them. The fresh minds that are taking new learnings in, are unfortunetly the victims of miss-information. I hope that mypost can change at least one students learnings from missinformation to correct information and real guidance.

Blessed be!

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Re: The truth!
Post # 2
There are a lot of flaws with this thread,Brim.
I do agree with the vampires,werewolves and the dead.But,i don`t think magick is even a tool.
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Re: The truth!
Post # 3
Some of it's good, some of it needs some work.
Nice job all in all though.
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Re: The truth!
By: / Novice
Post # 4
magick is action. tools are objects. It's hard to call magick a tool when even the most arbitrary of tasks can be classified as magick.
Skipping down, I would say that many of the young people here are not victims of misinformation, rather victims of laziness and ignorance. The information is all here and there, it's just a matter of the mind wishing to compile the information and study it. These people don't have that desire, and it's easy to see from the lack of research that happens before a question or statement is posed. For instance, one may post a question or a statement without having read recent threads when the answer to the question, or a similar statement is already posted, and usually close enough that they wouldn't have had to look for long...if they would only look.

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Re: The truth!
Post # 5
I partialy agree with mef. The only difference is I don't agree with the dead part. But that's a different issue. Tho I agree magick is like a tool sort of
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Re: The truth!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Sorry for all the typo's i just noticed...anyway...

I was reffering to magick as a tool in that case. Since i was comparing magick with a hammer. Hammer is a tool...right?
In this case magick took a roll as a hammer and witches took the rollof Blacksmiths...somagick is a tool...*sigh* i really should brake it down to the last bit next time...
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Re: The truth!
By: / Novice
Post # 7
I understand magick as a means of accomplishing a goal. Still magick would be the practice. In your analogy the blacksmith may be the magickian, and perhaps his hammer the wand?
I really do understand what you mean, because again magick is the means by which we reach attainment. A "tool" the magickian is able to use to push his will into nature.
Honestly though, mermaids, vampires, werewolves... is this all you long to obtain? Demons, half demons, or angels, is this what you aim for?
We have potential greater than all of these things, and you limit yourselves with nomenclature.
Push farther.
I won't ramble here anymore.
I enjoyed this thread, Brim. If the right eyes see it, it could in itself be a tool.
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Re: The truth!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Quote: "In your analogy the blacksmith may be the magickian, and perhaps his hammer the wand?"

Partially right. In my analogy, the blacksmith would be the magickian, his hammer is magick.
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Re: The truth!
Post # 9
im sorry but i do believe that mermaids exist in fae form so i have to disagree with you on that one mate ;)
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Re: The truth!
Post # 10
I can see how/why you would call Magick a tool, but I see it more as an ability or talent similar to the Martial Arts.

In my last post I was actually referring to the part about Vampires and Lycans, but I don't think for this type of post(considering what I think the point is supposed to be) we really need to go to far in depth about that. There are plenty of other threads explaining the details on Lycanism and Vampirism.
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